Racconti fantastici

The Company of Iron Cross

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I apologize for the bad translation, but I often had to ask the automatic translator for help. Thanks for the sympathy


To understand exactly the events that will be narrated in this story it is necessary to take a step back and recreate the context from which this story starts and develops the prodromes of the 3rd GM, usually dating back to 11 September 2001. that date, and this is universally accepted by historians, the world entered a spiral of conflicts, economic crises, violence and epidemics that ended only after the second decade of the third millennium. But let’s follow the chronology of events.
In the fall of 2010, the war continued in Afghanistan and new conflicts broke out in the Middle East following the unfortunate “Arab springs” fomented by the US. The catastrophic financial and economic crisis was devastating the global economy and the United States was close to collapse. The American administration understood that to get out of the tunnel into which it had entered, it had only one road, the usual one: war. Thus it was that in the second decade of the century, Iran, accused of having been the instigator of a series of attacks that had bloodied the Middle East, America and Europe, was heavily attacked. The accusation was naturally false and instrumental; but public opinion, manipulated by the media totally aligned with Western propaganda, believed the official version. Thus began Operation Alexander the Great.
Iran was “nuclearized”. For the first time since Nagasaki and Hiroshima, atomic bombs were used against an enemy country. The episode, however, which aroused very strong emotion and triggered violent anti-American demonstrations in Europe and around the world, was the atomic bombing of Tehran. The Americans said it was a tragic mistake and “collateral damage”. They justified themselves by saying that a cruise missile armed with an atomic warhead had gone out of control due to unidentified electronic interference. The fact is that in Tehran there were hundreds of thousands of deaths (there are those who speak of 1 million victims). The reactions of the European and Russian governments were very heavy, but they did not go beyond the vibrant diplomatic protests.
The war continued, however, until the devastated country was occupied. The Middle East caught fire. The consequences of this conflict were very heavy for the European economy. The price per barrel of oil shot up to $ 250. The interruption of the supply of Iranian (and Iraqi) black gold to European countries was fortunately compensated for by Russian supplies. This contributed to a political change and a rapprochement with Moscow. In Germany, the pro-Western government, placed in the minority, resigned, giving way to a neutralist and pro-Russian chancellorship. Italy, the government led by a center-right coalition at first sided with Germany alongside Russia. Then, following a “coup” by the judiciary and the strong powers that led to the arrest of the premier, the leadership of the country was entrusted, by the President of the Republic, to an old exponent of the Atlanticist right: Franco Finis, who, with a typical turnaround of the Italian tradition, he changed sides by joining the so-called Western Pact together with France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Cekia and Great Britain.
At the end of the year, Russia and Germany signed a pact for mutual military assistance in the event of war. This pact joined after Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Serbia. In August of the new year two events occurred that would have been fraught with terrible consequences for our continent: After a two-year halt, the construction of US missile bases in Poland, Czechia, Romania, Ukraine and Lithuania aimed against Russia was resumed; the Ukrainian government broke the truce with the Donbass rebels and attacked their positions with the support of NATO. The two actions deeply irritated the Russian and German governments which, feeling heavily provoked, threatened harsh reprisals. But the governments of Warsaw, Bucharest and Prague, stirred up by Washington, London, Paris and Rome, answered spades.
On August 20, Berlin and Moscow invited Poland, Romania and Czechia to a conference to solve the problems arising from the construction of US missile bases. But the pro-Western governments of these countries refused any negotiations. At that point it became clear to everyone that the denial represented an implicit declaration of war. On August 29, Russia and Germany sent an ultimatum to the American satellites. They were given 72 hours to dismantle the missile bases.

War at the gates

On 1 September, when the ultimatum expired, Russian troops crossed the Polish border, followed the next day by German ones. Czechia was being invaded by Russo-Slovak forces in the east and German forces in the west.
On September 2 there was a very tough stance from Paris, London and Washington. The attackers were given 48 hours to clear the Czech and Polish territories. If this ultimatum had not been fulfilled, there would have been a terrible response.
On the 4th the German troops entered Prague.
On the 8th, the Russo-Germans and the allies were on the outskirts of Warsaw.
On the 9th Moscow, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Minsk, Frankfurt suffered a terrible atomic attack.
It was the beginning of the 3rd World War.
The American “Space Shield”, developed only the month before, thwarted the Russian retaliation. A single Topol pierced the US defense, destroying Detroit. For the rest of the month, the Western Alliance Air Force intensified its attacks on German and Russian infrastructure. Communications, power plants, radio-TV centers, bridges, viaducts were heavily hit. Soon the paralysis of transport caused immense logistical and supply problems and led to the collapse of the two countries.
On 10 October, a powerful offensive to Germany and to the East set out from France. An Anglo-Franco-American army brought the war to German territory.
In France, however, the alliance with the US and the UK caused great discontent among the nostalgic Gaullists and Marine Le Pen’s nationalists, who expressed their dissent with massive demonstrations.
Paradoxically to protect the liberal-socialist government of Macrom they took to the streets to demonstrate against the nationalists, the young casseurs of the suburbs, who armed and equipped by the government, repressed the nationalist and pacifist demonstrations in blood. Thus, in those days, the first nuclei of what would become the infamous Multiethnic Milice, commonly called MuMi, were born.
The “casseurs” became, by a strange heterogenesis of ends, the “armed guard” of the government.
In the days that followed, these gangs of young people were “institutionalized” and used to crush the opposition, with assaults on party headquarters, fires, assassinations, and violence of all kinds.
On October 15, taking advantage of the crisis in Russia subjected to heavy bombardments that were weakening its resistance, China, stirred up by the Anglo-Americans, ordered its army to invade Siberia.
Beijing’s goal was to seize Eurasian energy sources
the USA and the UK gave their approval.
But the Russian response was very harsh.
Marshal Antonov, head of the strategic missile forces in the East, ordered reprisals: 10 “Topol” with multiple warheads left the forests of Tunguskha and hit the major Chinese cities. Dozens more tactical missiles hit the country’s smaller cities and infrastructure.
China had tens of millions of deaths within minutes and suffered a fatal blow.
The American “shield” did not work in this case. In one fell swoop, the US had got rid of the Russo-German enemy and a fearsome and dangerous creditor “friend”: China.
In December, Allied troops penetrated deep into German territory. At the end of the month they occupied all of Germany, entering Czechia and Poland, welcomed by the populations as liberators. The offensive ran aground on Russian soil in January, thanks also to the arrival of General Winter who blocked the Anglo-American armies and those of the Franco-Italian-Spanish allies. This stop served the remnants of the Bundeswehr, the allied armies and the Russian army to find refuge and shelter in the secret bases in the north that reached the Urals from Karelia. Over two million men and women of the armed forces and civilians managed to escape annihilation. Other nuclei, hidden in shelters built in the forests, would have started the partisan struggle in the spring.
In Italy, the government led by Finis, after a brief phase of non-belligerence, when the war seemed to be won and at the end, entered the conflict alongside the US and UK, sending the Tricolor Army to Russia. Even the Italian leader, inside, followed the example of his colleague Macrom, enlisting in the security forces thousands of immigrants to whom he had granted citizenship and the vote and who he used to crush the discontent and violent demonstrations of identity and nationalist forces. . This earned him the convinced and enthusiastic support of the globalist and movementist left, in particular that of the notorious Antifa of the Social Centers. The French and Italian example was also followed by other countries, such as Belgium, Holland, Denmark. In the Scandinavian countries, the weak social democratic governments yielded to the protests of immigrants and Yes-globalists and co-opted elements of Islamists and and African and the extreme left ..
In March, Western Alliance armies occupied southern and central Russia.
The only negative note in this operation was the defeat of the Tricolor Army which, near Voronez, attacked by two partisan brigades, was overwhelmed and put to flight. In a panic, numerous brigades threw down their weapons and fled west on foot. Fortunately the defeat was averted by the presence of Anglo-American forces that plugged up the flaw that had opened up in the Italian deployment. Two weeks later the Tricolor Army, multiethnic halved, was sent back to Italy where it was greeted by the defense minister La Brawl with high-sounding words full of rhetoric, as if it had just come from a victory.
By May, the war was essentially over. Except for groups of partisans in some areas of central Russia, the resistance of the Russian Army and the Bundeswehr had ended.
The Russian leader Vutin was given up for dead along with his entire entourage. Siberia, except the northern part, was also occupied by a large private army of contractors hired by the corporations and the Anglo-Saxon finance magnates.
Europe had suffered immense damage and devastation.
Human losses were estimated at around 60 million victims, mainly in Russia and Germany.
But also in France, Spain and Italy, following a terrible and mysterious epidemic of Blue Fever, which took its name from the livid color of the infected and due to the cold and lack of food there were millions of deaths.
The leaders of the victorious states argued that for the reconstruction and rebirth of the continent it was necessary to fill the gaps caused by the war, famines and the epidemic, with as many immigrants.
From May to the end of the year, over five million North Africans and Africans arrived in the Old Continent.
On June 10 in Washington, in an attack caused by unidentified Nazi-Islamic cells, the president and vice-president of the US were killed. The episode caused a crackdown on political and democratic guarantees in the world. Given the exceptional nature of the situation, Congress appointed the brilliant young senator of New York, George J. Tsirhc, as president.

In the following months, the new US president with the support of allied governments convened in December 20 .. a Peace Conference in London that would redefine the political and economic geography of the world. A think tank of American and European intellectuals, led by the president himself, undertook to prepare a document that would be presented at the Conference and which would contain the fundamental points and principles of the New World Order.
On 1 December the Peace Conference opened in the English capital. Tsirhc presented the 6 points that, as he said, “would change the face and history of the planet”:
• Proclamation of the World Republic
• Establishment of a single juridical corpus
• Adoption of the Single Language
• Abolition of all sexual, ethnic and racial differences
• Adoption of the Single Currency
• Religion of Man.
By presenting the program, Tsirhc managed to conquer, fascinate and convince the audience of the Assembly with his persuasive oratory. At the end of his speech, after having admirably explained the palingenetic and revolutionary significance of the 6 Points that he had presented, he was greeted by a delirium of applause and his name was marked countless times. His cry: “No more war!” became the slogan and the hope for millions and millions of people.
The dawn of a new era of peace and brotherhood seemed to be substantiated in the words and program of the young American leader.
The points enunciated had evident Messianic-Masonic cultural derivations but also welcomed millennialist, Christian, Marxist and anarcho-liberal requests. A cocktail of political thoughts and cultures mixed with expertise that coagulated around those few points, apparently opposite and opposite forces.
On 1 January 20 … the World Government was proclaimed which had as its headquarters, the former UN building. George J. Tsirhc was elected head of the government by the Constituent Assembly by acclamation. Beside him 7 Extraordinary Commissioners chosen by himself.
The new World Government immediately put its revolutionary strategy into action. In February, Ordinance 01 began which ordered the abolition of borders and nations. The states lost their name and what remained of their sovereignty. They called themselves “Star of the United States of the World”. Italy, for example, became the 78th Star of the United States World Cup
All the leaders of the former allied states became, ipso facto, Rulers of the Stars of the SUM.
The ordinance implicitly made the inhabitants of the planet, all Citizens of the World and guaranteed them absolute mobility and free movement everywhere.
In March, Ordinance 02 also called Codex 666 was issued
by the number of laws contained. The founding principles of the Code were those of the Declaration of Human Rights.
Private relations between citizens, civil rights, individual guarantees, etc. were regulated. The application of the laws was entrusted to a new security body: the Commissioner for the Implementation of the Law by means of the Moral Suasion, an anonymous and reassuring name behind which was hidden the very powerful transnational police, endowed with full powers. An invisible but omnipresent, mysterious and feared police. Those who were victims called it “psycho-police”, taking its name from the famous novel by Orwell; public safety and defense was entrusted to the Multiethnic Milice (MuMi)
In April, Ordinance 03 was issued. All national and local languages ​​were abolished. The only language would be English. Everyone was forced to learn it. Press, radio, TV and cinema from April 5th began their broadcasts speaking and writing in the Single Language.
On May 1, Ordinance 04 issued directives on racial integration and introduced incentives in favor of interracial unions, imposed the death penalty for the crime of xenophobia and racism considered crimes against Man and the Universal Brotherhood.
On 1 October, according to Ordinance 05, all Citizens of the World. to eradicate the Blue Fever pandemic that continued to rage around the world, they were forced to have vaccines inoculated with which, thanks to nanotechnologies, they inserted subcutaneous microchips into the body. This allowed them to monitor their health, make payments and receive universal income and would also serve as an identification document. In fact, with a special scanner, all the individual data could have been read.
Anyone who refused the vaccine / implant would have been considered a deviant and locked up in special Mental Re-education Camps (CRM). For those found without the identification, outside the CRMs, harsh penalties were foreseen.
On December 25th the Ordinance was issued the Ordinance 06. which established that the only religion would be that of the Church of Brotherhood and Universal Love, a syncretistic religion led by a former Catholic priest who became its head with the name of Francesco Paolo I. Anyone who had professed other creeds would have been considered an enemy of the World, of Health and of Brotherhood, therefore sanctioned with internment in mental re-education camps. This law sparked protests from the Catholic world. The only exception for the Islamic religion In Italy, the Governor of the 78th Star Gianfranz Finis mobilized anticlericals, the LGBT world, social centers and immigrants and globalists, bringing thousands of demonstrators to the square who protested against the Church every day in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. . The last Pope Peter II was forced to lock himself up in the papal palace, defended by only a hundred Swiss Guards.
On May 12, the situation worsened, turning into a terrible tragedy.
During the umpteenth anti-Catholic demonstration of about a million demonstrators, someone from the roofs of the Vatican fired on the crowd (it was only learned after they had been elements of the Psychopolice).
The Swiss were accused. Thousands of frantic stormed the papal palace. Departments of the MuMi also intervened. The palace, despite the heroic defense of the Pope’s Guard which was massacred, was taken, and the Holy Father with the prelates of the Curia, was led into the street and forced, in a parody of a procession, to walk up to the Colosseum, between two wings of an angry crowd barely held back by the Militia. Arriving under the great Cross, the old Pope dressed in White was killed together with the bishops and cardinals, amid the screams of the crowd excited by the sight of the blood.
Thus the Third Secret of Fatima was fulfilled.
The sacrilegious massacre was greeted by Catholics with sadness, dismay and anger. There were protests that ended up in blood repressed by the MuMi. Tens of thousands of faithful were locked up in the infamous CRMs in the following days.
Other provisions were issued, we will report here some of the most important.
Youth Education¹ received particular attention from the GoMo (World Government). History was abolished as a stimulant of interests and curiosities about the past of the nation and a people. Only the negative aspects of history were studied: massacres, wars and holocausts. The use of soft drugs was favored, which would have favored a better social and mental control of young people. Even the music intended for the new generations had to be “contaminated” and multiethnic: rock rhythms mixed with African rhythms. South American and Arabian. Ethnic music prohibited. The classic one was banned and forbidden as “uneducative”.
The historic centers of European cities were razed or closed, as “Testimonies of a estheticizing, aristocratic and therefore diseducative cultures”. In their place, anonymous mansions called “Palaces of the Brotherhood” were built, inhabited by individuals of all races. According to the GoMo, the New Architecture should have celebrated equality between men and not differences. Only a few historic buildings, full of “revolutionary” meanings, were left standing: in Paris the Conciergerie, the Hotel de la Ville, Place de la Concorde, in short, all the symbolic places of the French Revolution.
Even the food was “unified”: fish burgers, chicken and insects blended and served with spices and sauces. Drinks allowed: Coca Cola and beer.
The most deserving young people were co-opted and introduced into exclusive high schools, upon leaving which they entered the executive-bureaucratic class or, if they wanted, entered the ranks of the Psychopolice.
Communication too, especially that TV, underwent profound changes: all networks were headed by Global-TV.
In Western Europe (Spain, France, Italy, the Balkans and Islamic countries on the Mediterranean), the broadcasts were handled by Murdochset. Broadcasts aimed at the masses were generally of the lowest standard. Deliberately trash programs: reality shows, idiotic broadcasts, foot-ball or fiction in which the GoMo and its policy of brotherhood was exalted.
The family as a sacral and civil institution was abolished. In its place were de facto unions of any sexual tendency. The two years that followed, the GoMo used them to strengthen its control over the territory. In these two years, a biblical migration to Europe was encouraged. By conservative calculations, the new arrivals from Africa amount to 30 million migrants. By now the alien population was one third of the native one.

Organization of the Society

Officially, society was made up of equals and “citizens of the world”. In reality there was a clear and precise division into classes.
At the top (1st Level) were the Elect-Illuminati. They were part of this elite: the rulers of the GoMo, the governors, the Directors of Corporations, Banks and senior bureaucrats;the 2nd level consisted of members of the Psychopolice and middle-bureaucrats;the 3rd level consisted of the Manuals (workers, peasants, artisans) and members of the MuMi. the 4th level was constituted by the Multitude, that is the assisted, shapeless and undifferentiated mass that lived in megalopolises or in social centers. Not productive, but very loyal to the GM. She was assisted with a social check credited to the microchip, with two cans of global food per person and with two grams of hashish or marijuana each.
Outside every level there were the deviants or refractory, that is, the dissenters without any rights and confined to CRMs and finally the asocial ones, that is, irrecoverable addicts, demented and delinquents, maladjusted. The latter were confined to particular ghetto neighborhoods enclosed by high walls. It is in this context that our history takes its first steps. Exactly from the Mental Rehabilitation Center 17 located near Brescia

The company of iron cross

The deviants – as the dissenters were officially called – who had opposed the NWO, the Supreme Head of the Go.Mo. (World Government) allowed them, like other opponents, to survive. Anyone who had “redeemed” himself within three years of detention could have re-entered civil society; who, at the end of the sentence, had opposed, would have disappeared in some elimination field without a trace. Many thousand women and men had been locked up in CRM17: sovereignists, ethno-nationalists, identitarians, counter-revolutionaries, traditionalist Catholics, etc.

They knew they still had a year to live. Another 12 months and then they would be asked to abjure and undergo the vaccination that hid, as they knew, the introduction of the subcutaneous nano-chip. A no of them would have meant ending up in some secret elimination camp in Asia or Africa run by the Psychopolice. The CRMs consisted of a series of containers: ovens in the summer and refrigerators in the winter. Inside the field, meritocracy was in force. He was elected councilor of the camp, the best and most capable of the deviants. The order in the camp was delegated to Homeland Security. The few food that were granted from the outside, in this case, by the Office for the Care and Recovery of Deviants, were divided equally among the prisoners, they were also allowed to keep pets and cultivate the little land within the CRM . Outside, the gulag was bounded by barbed wire, with turrets and a moat. There was only one way of access, controlled militarily. That specific camp was supervised by departments of the South American MuMi (generally Ecuadorian, Peruvian and Colombian) who had emigrated in previous years and by Roma, who had descended en masse in Italy after Romania’s entry into the European Union.

The Escape Plan

On June 10, 11 deviants: Der, Patriot, Black Guelph, Totila, Soviet, Larth, Green, Halexandra, Langbard, Ken and Jena (these were their battle names), found themselves in Container 16 which served as a tool shed and placed in a secluded area of ​​the camp and away from the eyes of the militiamen. The evening was humid, it had rained all day and a light fog hung over the area. The room was lit by a couple of candles which seemed to make the meeting a meeting of ghosts.

  • Why did Max bring us together? Larth began. No one answered. The front door creaked open. He was the leader of the deviants.
  • We are all here? Max asked. – Yes, everyone … Der answered. – Friends, I have important news to communicate to you. The man sat down on a bench. His eyes sparkled in the faint glow of the candles. – The other night during the Feast of the Brotherhood I was in the MuMi building unloading crates of beer for the militiamen. In the room next to the warehouse, I heard loud speaking. They were two officers arguing animatedly, drinking and smoking. I went to the ajar door and began to eavesdrop. One of them was saying that soon the “Montezuma” Brigade stationed in Milan would have to leave for the north. They were talking about Sweden, because, according to them, in recent weeks, an entire battalion of militiamen had disappeared in the forests north of Hudiksvall “
  • Hudiksvall? Soviet churches. – I was there. It is in the center of Sweden …

Max continued the story. – Well, in the following days, a company of the Psychopolice and a regiment of the Mumi, set out in search of the missing, also mysteriously disappeared, swallowed up by the forests. Also according to the story of the two officers, it seems that in the far north, in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Karelia and Northern Russia, Resistance formations are active. For this reason, the GoMo has mobilized and alerted the Multiethnic Militias for Democratic Defense of Central and Southern Europe: they want to carry out an operation in grand style to eliminate any pocket of resistance …

At these words, those present were filled with a shudder. If in the North there were those who resisted and fought, perhaps it was worth hoping.

  • So I thought, Max resumed, – to escape from the camp, to arrive in Sweden and join those who are still fighting for freedom. The ethno looked at each other as if they were facing a madman.
  • How do we get there in Sweden? By plane? On the train? Larth asked sarcastically.
  • On horseback! Max answered. A murmur arose in the hut.
  • On horseback ?? !! And where do we get horses? Jena asked.
  • There’s no problem with that. As you know, once a week I am taken out of the camp to work in the agricultural community seven km from here. There is an equine farm there. Getting there is not difficult. As it is not difficult to escape from the Camp. The control at night, as you all know, is relative, the guardians are almost always drunk or high, so, once we take the horses we will take the paths that through the Alps will take us to Austria and then to Germany and from there we will arrive …
  • Directly in the arms of MuMi and Psicopol! Ken interrupted him, making the gesture of the handcuffs.

“Besides, most of us don’t know how to ride,” Langbard added

  • This is not a problem. We will train here. I have an idea … Max replied, smiling. – Do you prefer to rot here? He asked his companions.
  • No! He answered for all Patriot. – We are all ready to dare!
  • March and not rot! Jena said, causing the onlookers to laugh.
  • Well, are we all in agreement then? All those present, while expressing some doubts, gave their assent.
  • Then we have to organize. Today is June 10th, we will have to reach the goal within three months, before the great cold falls. We have to collect as much food as possible; for the clothes I have an idea. I got the maps we will need for the journey. Every hour and every day is precious! It is useless for me to tell you not to talk to anyone about this undertaking, Max concluded, – it must remain very secret! Our lives are at stake!
  • It’s pure madness, said Totila, -but perhaps for this very reason it will succeed

The Training

The next day, Max, as he had promised, got a couple of old barrels and a saddle that he had found in a warehouse where the useless stuff was stacked. He took her to the meeting shack. He ordered his companions who had never ridden to spend two hours each astride.

  • It’s better than nothing. He said to the first astonished “knights”. Guelfo Nero, who had been a skilled horseman, followed them, giving, at the same time, theoretical riding lessons. In rotation during the day Totila, Green, Langbard, Larth, Der, Patriot and Ken underwent the “torture”. And so were the days that followed. Lessons were given on posture, how to hold legs and how to put on saddles and harnesses. The exercises were repeated ad nauseam. Max demanded that the companions know how to prepare their mounts in the shortest possible time and in the dark. By the end of the “course”, the deviants had theoretically become perfect knights. One problem remained. They were supposed to cross the northern forests in early autumn and were covered in rags. But Max had thought of this too. A couple of km from the field, on the same road that led to the Agricultural Municipality, there was a department store of the MuMi. A former shopping center crammed with objects seized from deviants and the so-called profiteers and evaders. He had once been led to unload boxes of clothing. Inside, he assured his companions, they would find everything they would need for the long journey.

The escape

On the night of the escape, in the container of the first meeting, Max and the eleven rebels discussed the final details. The food they brought with them wasn’t much. A couple of days later would have been enough, they would have had to settle. For the long journey, Max had found an old book, found in the agricultural commune, with all the European itineraries for horse trekking. He had managed to get it by bribing a Roma guard in exchange for a gold ring, an old family memento that he luckily managed to bring to the camp. In addition, he had procured: maps, maps, a compass and old theater binoculars. News of the escape plan has been kept secret. Certainly there were renegades in the camp, spies in the service of the Psicopol and the MuMi. Thus only a few and very trusted fellow prisoners were warned. They were entrusted with the organization and security of the Camp after their escape. If anyone had asked, which is impossible, what happened to Max, he would have had to answer that he was dead. After all, deaths from disease due to deprivation and terrible sanitation were the order of the day. Every day two or three prisoners couldn’t make it. Wrapped in waxed sacks, they were taken out of the infirmary. The guards checked the tag and then had the corpses thrown into a pit.

Around midnight on June 22, the rebels approached the fence. The guards hadn’t even climbed the turrets. Everyone celebrated Mandela Day by getting drunk and coke. A hole dug under the barbed wire would have allowed the fugitives to pass under the fence crossed by the electric current. Once outside they slipped into the ditch which fortunately, due to the drought of the previous months, was almost dry. Water would reach life at its best. At midnight Max was the first to cross the tunnel, closely followed by the others. Once crossed the moat, the ethno sadly greeted the comrades who remained in the camp beyond the fence, whispering to them “we will return!” Then they disappeared into the darkness. The cellmates carefully filled the passage with dirt to obliterate any trace of the escape. The risks that Max and his companions took were terrible. If they had been discovered by the militiamen or worse still by the Psicopol without the microchips, they would have been taken to some elimination camp, and there they would have disappeared forever. The team left for the mountains and their destiny, in the dark. The fugitives led by Max and Der walked in silence and darkness, along the provincial road that led from Prevalle to Gavardo. After about forty minutes they reached the warehouse. The prisoners approached from behind. There was a glass door, protected by a grate. It was blocked. Larth with an improvised master key managed to open it. The fugitives have entered. The guardians were in a building about forty meters away. Everything was dark. They were definitely sleeping after drinking a lot at the party. The deviants approached the shelves where they found clothes in order of size: blue waterproof parkas with hood with yellow five-pointed star, balaclavas, wool gloves, trousers with side pockets, belts, turtleneck sweaters, socks and boots. wool, sleeping bags. They quickly got dressed and put some spare parts in the backpacks. Halexandra also found “maneuver rations”, containers with cans and survival cookies. Each took five each. Food for five days was guaranteed. Ken, entering an adjoining room found, among other things, holding back a cry of joy, a bow and dozens of hunting arrows. He took it in his hands, weighed it, as if it were a sacred and precious object. He had been archery champion. He filled two quivers and was forcibly taken away from Jena. However, while searching for him, Der found a katana in a shop window. He had been Kendo’s black belt. He pulled it out and executed a few figures. He appeared to the admiring eyes of his friends, a samurai. He placed the sword in the saya, the traditional magnolia wood scabbard and slung it over his shoulder. Eventually they picked up their rags and walked out in silence. Larth closed the door.

  • We look like a Militia squad, Ken said.
  • Better that way, Langbard replied with a wink. The group, backpackers, took a path between the fields. The first operation was successful. They went, therefore, satisfied with the agricultural commune. At about 2.30 pm they arrived at the farm. Max pulled out his old binoculars and peered into the dark corridor.
  • There are two militiamen on guard. They are sleeping. There should be a dozen manuals on the farm, but they too are definitely in the dream world. We have to get around the
  • netting and then enter. 200 meters from the house, there is the stable. Let’s go! The team ran the last few meters. He skirted the fence. Then, Max, pulled a pair of wire cutters out of his bag. The cut strings made a sound similar to that of a violin string that breaks when too taut. They rushed into the meadow and came to the horse shelter. Max came in first. The animals knew him. They were of the Aveglinese breed, with a tawny coat and a blond mane. Quadrupeds of great resistance, suitable for the mountains and long distances. Max caresses the first one and then the others. The fugitives entered the wooden building and, following the instructions of the chief, saddled the animals not without some difficulty. The lessons were served, but some hitch was normal that there were. However, the operation took place in a short time. Guelfo, Halexandra and Max helped their comrades in difficulty; then on foot, holding the horses by the reins, they retraced their steps, coming out of the opening in the fence.
  • And now in the saddle! Max whispered. Then, on his horse, he took the head of the squadron. Lastly came Black Guelph, who was supposed to make sure no knights were left behind. On either side rode Halexandra and Soviet, both practicing horse riding.
  • We have to bypass Salò before the sun rises and set out inland, towards Vobarno and San Martino! He pushed the horse at a small trot towards a white dirt road that bordered at times the state road. It was almost dawn when they took the provincial road that led to Bovarno. The countries they had encountered seemed deserted. Or maybe the strays and the Roma who lived there weren’t very early risers. The journey to Treviso Bresciano was also uneventful. The road ran along the valley, on the sides there were thick woods. If there were any dangers, it would have been easy to hide. They passed Baverno, home to the former Falk steel mills, now occupied by a humanity of strays, punkabbesty by marginalists, stray migrants, all part of the Multitude, fervent supporters of Governor Finis and the GoMo. Everything was silent. The crossing of San Martino also took place without unexpected events. Stopping inside a wood for a brief stop, Max with Der checked the cards
  • We must arrive at the Dimaro crossroads, which is about fifty kilometers from here by tomorrow evening. When it starts to get dark we will have to set out. From Dimaro we will continue towards the north-east. In three days we must be in Val Passiria. Between four days, in Austria. Now let’s rest and let the horses rest! Max suggested. The ethno lay down on the grass. Everyone thought about the adventure he had started. They had opened a door behind which they did not know what awaited them. From then on, and of this they were aware, they would play dice every day with Destiny. At stake would be life or death.

The unexpected

They rode all night. At dawn they came within sight of Dimaro. They entered a wood (by now the sun was high) and Max began to check the entrance to the town with binoculars. In the square he saw a handful of strays and hybrids. But on the bridge he saw a blue van parked. – Psicopol! He recognized the blue-blue uniforms of the special units, the helmet with the gold star.

-What the hell are they doing here ?! Max asked worriedly.

  • Are they looking for us? asked Halexandra nervously.
  • Maybe the alarm was triggered by the farm … Anyway, now let’s stop and rest and eat something. Then we will decide what to do.
  • Surely they will leave soon … Patriot said. The group went into the woods, while Max and Der remained to observe the moves of the hated policemen. The two continued to observe their movements all day, hoping that at a certain time they would go off the road; instead, around 2 pm, they were replaced by another truck, with four other policemen. After a while the two withdrew from their observatory in the trees and joined the companions who were preparing something to eat. Lunch was frugal: a box of fish and biscuits. All washed down with water. The exhaustion and heat of the day were such that many fell asleep exhausted. Ken had gone into the woods and started training with the bow; Max, Der and Patriot instead, returned to check the patrol stopped at the entrance of the town. Der was hard, inflexible and uncompromising with others and with himself. The presence of the blue cops unnerved him. Their presence on the bridge, then, prevented the continuation of the journey. It would have been impossible to go further.
  • Max, we need to take out those bastards! Otherwise we will not pass !.
  • Yes, we can’t risk being stuck here forever. Tonight we will act by surprise, since they are armed and we are not …
  • Yes, tonight! When they least expect it! Der said, throwing his dagger into a tree trunk. The weapon penetrated the wood, vibrating menacingly.
  • This evening! Massimo reiterated. It was getting dark now. Max and the five comrades chosen to act, withdrew to discuss the plan: Soviets and Patriots would have approached the van, posing as drunk strays. At the same time Max, Der, Ken and Totila would have taken the Psicopol from behind, coming from the opposite bank, after having forded the river, fortunately dry, further downstream, armed with sticks and katana. Ken assured him that he would hit the cops with his bow. The others would do the rest. At two o’clock the operation began. The Soviet and the Patriot, wrapped in two blankets, set off along the road, while the other three crossed the river. The rest of the ethnonationalist group had to bring the horses as close to the bridge as possible and then cross it and flee north. The Soviet and the Patriot saw the van and began to stagger and sing. Two blue policemen were waiting for them at the beginning of the bridge (two others were sleeping in the van) and stopped them by asking them to show the back of their hand. At that moment an arrow whistled in the air. One of the guards had his throat pierced by the arrow. She put her hands around her neck and slumped, gurgling. Ken’s shot was merciless. At the same time, Soviet and Patriot hit each other in the throat, thus preventing him from screaming. Der and Totila finished the other two sleeping in the truck. The action was lightning fast. Max waved his flashlight towards the woods and the rest of the group, with the horses, rushed out onto the road. Weapons seized: four automatic rifles and four pistols, as well as numerous ammunition found in the van. Also seized transceivers connected on the wavelength of the Psychopolice, a small computer the size of a cell phone that was entrusted to Larth, an electronics specialist, two infrared binoculars, food and cigarettes. Then the bodies were stacked in the back of the truck, which Max was driving. The others mounted the horses, having bandaged the animals’ hooves with rags, to make as little noise as possible, and headed north-east. After passing the village, when they reached a curve, under which there was a ravine of about a hundred meters that ended in a small river, the detours pushed the truck to the ground. A dull rumble accompanied the fall. Then silence. Throughout the night the fugitives continued their march. At dawn they arrived near Cis. They took a road that went up towards Marcena and then Proves. From there, via a mountain path, they would reach Sankt Walburg, in the Ultenthal valley. After passing the uninhabited houses of Proves, they went up towards the mountains that overlooked the town. They stopped near a barn with a stable.

The exhausted men got off their mounts and after removing the saddles from the horses, they entered the building. Max organized two-hour guards. Two other ethnos people would look after the animals and then let them rest in the stable. Except for Max and Der, the others fell asleep like stones.

Around noon, a light meal was eaten, with the addition of half a bar of chocolate, and some instant coffee found in the police van. As he sipped his coffee, Max observed his companions one by one:
Der, a determined and courageous young man. He never spared himself. Always in the front row. As cold and merciless as the blade of his katana. He was one of the souls of the resistance. Passionate about military history and a graduate in History of Political Doctrine, he was considered by all to be the ideologue of the group;

Patriot, a brave young man. Traditionalist Catholic. He walked around carrying a silver cross around his neck. A knight of other times. He had been a computer technician before the war.

Larth, nicknamed “Ulysses” for his shrewdness and total distrust to the humanity. A man who was better to have friend than foe. Former naval officer expert in electronics and counter-electronic measures.

Totila, was the eldest of the group, but with a youthful and athletic appearance. Wise and thoughtful. Exceptional shooter. He represented the “brake” of the Company, given the impetuosity of the young he was nicknamed “the Uncle”. In his youth he had served as a soldier in the San Marco regiment. Expert in weapons and survival techniques.

Halexandra, nicknamed the “Valkyrie”, cold, determined and courageous. From her features and colors one could deduce a Longbard descent of which she was proud. She has blue eyes and blonde hair in a braid. She graduated in medicine, she was also an expert in medicinal plants.

Ken, called the “Warrior”. Courageous and enterprising. He had been, before the war, a scholar of occult sects. Lived for some years in Japan, he was an expert in martial arts and as already mentioned archery champion.

Jena, a brave and at the same time thoughtful, curious and studious young man. He had brought a small library with him. In moments of pause he immersed himself in reading.

Soviet, called “Spetsnatz” “. He too was chosen for his audacity and courage. Of Russian origin, expert in guerrilla and survival techniques (he had been a spetsnatz). Polyglot.

Langbard, a strong, enthusiastic and humorous young man. He was, together with Jena, the mascot of the group. Called by friends “Last” because of his delays and to always be the last to wake up, but always the first in action. The year before he had stabbed an Ecuadorian, outside the camp to defend a girl. Nobody saw him. Peruvian guards were accused of the murder, always in conflict with the Ecuadorians.

Black Guelph, known as “The Monk” for his hieratic bearing and for his profound faith, which he was able to transmit to the group in the form of a great inner strength. He was the spiritual leader of the group. Excellent horseman.

Green, also known as “Ninja”, was able to get behind someone, crawling without being seen and then hit. Brave and relentless young man. Martial arts expert.
After reviewing his men, Max turned on the radio transmitter and immediately picked up communications. The command of the Psicopol and the Multiethnic Militia of Brescia had issued the order to put checkpoints around all the roads leading to or branching off from Dimaro. It was clear that the disappearance of the four policemen had alarmed the provincial command. There was talk of an auxiliary company of strays and one of Roma, brought to the area for a roundup. As soon as it began to get dark, the deviants would resume the march. The ground was starting to burn under their feet. Fortunately, they were close to climbing over the mountains, on the opposite side of the checkpoints. Larth, playing with the “little computer”, as he called it, from Psicopol, had discovered some important functions. One of which warned those who carried it with them, with an intermittent hiss, of the presence of drone-killers in the surrounding areas. Important function for the GoMo blue policemen to avoid “friendly fire”.

Escape to Val Passiria

At this point, to make the story smoother, it is necessary to make a brief summary of the events that occurred after the killing of the four Psicopol. Having found the bodies in the ravine, the Governorate of Lombardy unleashed a furious manhunt in the Giudicarie valleys, closing the roads leading to the north. The fugitives were saved by trespassing into the Val d’Ultimo and after a couple of days of exhausting night marches interrupted only when the presence of drone killers was reported, they arrived, after passing, not without difficulty, Merano, in Val Passiria . In the late afternoon of June 27, they came within sight of a farm. To their surprise, they realized it was inhabited. Two children, who saw them coming, ran towards the house in fright. Shortly after a man came out, armed with a rifle which they order them to stop. Max, dismounted, raised his hands and asked to be allowed to speak. The man approached him. Another rifle appeared from a window, keeping the group at bay.

  • Are you militiamen ?! the farm owner asked, looking at the blue uniforms with a hostile air.

-We are deviant. And so saying, he displayed on his forearm the mark that was imprinted on those who did not accept the New World Order.

  • And why are you wearing MuMi uniforms ?! the man asked.
  • We escaped from the Mental Re-education Camp 17, near Brescia. We got dressed by stealing clothes from a militia warehouse … We’re going north. The man asked Max to show him the vaccination arm, but there was no trace of tattoos. He looked at the rebel and shook his hand.
  • Come in: you will definitely need to restore yourself. We certainly have many things to tell each other. My eldest sons will take your horses to the stable. They too, it seems to me, need hay, fodder and rest. The group left their mounts and, reassured, entered the farm. Martin’s wife, this was the man’s name, immediately made them sit in the large kitchen. She would make a nice hot cabbage and potato soup for them. Martin wanted to know about their escape and their destination. Max explained that there were rumors that a Resistance offensive was underway in the far north and that they were willing to make contact with the resisters.

-I have heard of this Resistance too. It just seemed like rumors to me. Even today you confirm. God grant it is true! But how are you going to go north? Europe is in the hands of the globalists …

  • We will try … ”, answered Der. Ethnic people asked Martin how he managed to live free with his family without being “guarded” by multi-ethnic people.
  • Simple “, replied the man. – Multiethnicians, be they Roma, strays or hybrids, hate the mountains, unspoiled nature. They love to live in valleys, slums and abandoned factories, in landfills. They hate pure air” , in short, they love to live in the midst of garbage, ticks and mice … A loud laugh of assent rose from the deviants. Meanwhile, the women began to collect the soup in their bowls. The ethno ate the meal voraciously. Finally a hot dish after so many cans and biscuits or the leftovers stolen from the baskets of the guardians on the edge of the field. At the end of the dinner, Martin brought a barrel of grappa. It was quickly swallowed.
  • Now go and rest. I made you make hay beds in the barn. Tomorrow morning, if you wish, you will come to a meeting of friends …
  • Schützen? “Der asked.
  • Already! Reply Martino. – Maria K. guides them “
  • Eva’s daughter ?! asked the patriot.

-She … Martin accompanied the guests to the large wooden building and wished them a good night. The sun rose too early for the fugitives to rise grumbling. But Der and Max were inflexible. After having breakfast with hot milk and slices of wholemeal bread and butter, they filled their saddlebags with the cheeses offered by the landlord and, after thanking Martino’s wife and children for their hospitality, they followed him to the gathering. .

After all, he would have been in the north, he would have been all the way to them. When they reached a small church, planted in the middle of green meadows, the ethnic groups realized that the schuetzen who were waiting for Martino were arguing animatedly. When they saw him, they ran to meet him. Martin motioned for the fugitives to follow him. There was a woman in her thirties, beautiful with blue eyes and a long black braid who welcomed Martin and the new arrivals. The man introduced them to his companions and to Maria K., then the girl spoke:
-Martin a terrible thing happened. Let’s go to the Oberhof farm!

The Combat

Immediately all the men climbed into the saddle and set off at a gallop towards the house, a couple of km away towards the valley. They found the family Oberhof all crucified to a fence. The two eldest daughters had suffered violence. The fugitives and the schuetzen remained for a few minutes in stunned silence, then someone decided to lay down those poor bodies.

  • It must have happened recently. Whoever did it shouldn’t be far away … Martin said, clenching his jaws. Max got off his horse and with binoculars began to scan the path that led to the farm.
  • Here they are! I’m down¹! Maria K. took the binoculars that Max handed her and saw a line of about thirty militiamen slowly descend towards the valley, nearing a large forest of fir trees.
  • Let’s go down the coast and cut his way. Let’s go into the woods and wait for those bastards there! Der. Maria K, looked at the rebel and agreed. The schuetzen and the four ethno armed men plus Ken with the bow, got on their horses, the others would wait near the destroyed house. Going down the steep grassy coast, the anti-globalists, having reached the wood, would have cut the road to the government.

So it was. Before the globalist gang reached the first trees, the rebels were already inside the forest, which limited the path. Here they waited for them. Further down, in an open space, there were two trucks with two drivers, awaiting the return of the militiamen. Totila and Soviet would have thought of them, who took a gully and descended, unseen, towards the two means of transport. Maria K ordered the men to wait for the militiamen to parade in front of them, then they would open fire, each aiming at one “his of hers” man . The one who was on the head, with a red bandana and dreadlock hair and the one who followed him with a beret and a yellow star, were only to be wounded and captured alive, the woman ordered. The partisans followed orders. When they opened fire, about twenty multiethnicians fell to the ground, electrocuted or wounded. A second volley hit the others. Der threw two daggers at the gang leader with the bandana that hit him in the shoulder and arm. His helper, who wore a Mexican bandolier, was hit in the thigh by a dart fired by Ken. The two cursing in pain, fell to the ground. The shooting continued briefly, until those who had tried to escape were also killed or injured. The rebels came out of the woods, cautiously approaching the multiethnicians. Occasionally an isolated shot ended the lives of the wounded. One of them tried to point the rifle at Maria K. But both Max and Der saw him in time and finished him off with two pistol shots. Maria K, turned to both of them and with a smile said:

  • I owe you my life!

Meanwhile, Totila and Soviet, stationed in the grass, as soon as they heard the first shots, fired on the two drivers who were blissfully smoking. The two Roma militiamen collapsed to the ground without groan. The two ethno people headed for the big trucks: inside the crates were heavy weapons and ammunition. They also found documents. Shortly afterwards, schuetzen arrived with numerous horses. They loaded the ammunition boxes, the weapons and brought the two ethno back to the burnt farm. Others meanwhile made the corpses of the militiamen disappear and burned the trucks. When they arrived at the site of the massacre of the Oberhof family, they heard inhuman screams. Der was questioning the hybrid and his lieutenant. The two had terror printed on their faces, which had become an unrecognizable mask of blood. Totila heard the two talking like torrents in flood. When finished, without a word, Der drew his gun. Two sharp blows and the prisoners joined their comrades in hell. The deviants returned together with Maria K, Martin and the others to the church. In the small cemetery, after a moving ceremony, the massacred family was buried. Black Guelph recited a prayer. From the hybrid leader, it was learned that the next day, they would arrive by train: a Multiethnic Brigade and a Psicopol Company The order was to clean up the whole valley from South Tyrolean rebels, because – this was the order of the World Government – all the great working communication routes had to be made safe in order to bring in the troops that would have had to go north for the counter-offensive against the Resistance.

Both the road and the Brenner railway had become strategically vital to fight the Insurgents.

  • Another proof that something big is happening in the North … Martin said to Max. Maria K. announced the plan. The following morning the Schuetzen would blow up the railway bridge with the reinforcement train. It was now open war. Der offered to participate in the action. Maria K. looked at him
  • No, Der, you must continue on your way. It is essential that you reach the insurrection in the North. We will not be able to face the Multiethnicians for long. We are few and poorly armed. You are our only hope. She said these last words in a tone veiled with sadness.
  • I swear, answered Der, – that we will complete our mission. You try to resist, do not expose yourself unnecessarily. We will return! After saying goodbye to the guerrillas, the ethno, to whom Maria K had joined a young guide who would take them to Austria, the groupresumed their journey. The next morning, as they walked along a path that would lead them to an alpine pass, they heard a dull rumble coming from the valleys they had left the day before, like that of distant thunder. The ethno turned and shouted their “hurray!” to the sky. The train with the multi-ethnic reinforcements would never arrive at its destination

Thanks to the guide that Maria K. had offered, they easily managed to cross the Timmelsjoch pass, which closed the Val Passiria, and thus pass through Austria. Leonard, the guide, accompanied them to the gates of Solden. Here he put them in contact with some Austrian resisters. (These “islands” out of controlwas tolerated by GoMo, It would then come time, once the world situation stabilized, to sweep them away), who led them for a long distance, through dense woods towards Germany.

The Ambush

In the Bavarian forests near Oberau, the Company ran into a misadventure that nearly ended in tragedy. While they were walking along a path, they stopped in a clearing for refreshment. Suddenly they were surrounded and attacked by men armed with sticks wearing black balaclavas. They were about to be overwhelmed and immobilized when Der’s shirt came out in the struggle, the silver rune he wore around his neck: the Wolf’s Tooth. The leader of the attackers at that sight ordered his men to leave the attacked alone. Jena was the most battered. A blow from the club had hit him in the head and he was bleeding profusely. Totila had received a beaten in the face that had stunned him. The same had happened to Halexandra and Green.

  • Who are you?! The man asked the man with the hidden face.
  • We are deviant escaped from a CRM! We are fighting against the World Government and we are going North. Der said, adjusting his uniform.
  • Why are you wearing the blue uniforms of the Militia? – It’s a long story, but we would be happy to tell you if your men calm down … Max replied, pulling back his disheveled hair. The masked men, with a nod of the head, checked the backs of the hands and the foreheads of the deviants with a scanner.
  • They’re clean, Wolf 1!
  • We are the Werwolfe and we too fight the World Government.

So saying, the man removed the balaclava imitated by the others from his face and approached Der shaking his hand. – Excuse us, but with those MuMi uniforms on us we thought you were renegade militiamen (Editor’s note: “renegades” were the white militiamen coming from the antagonist and antifa left). We can’t trust anyone. The wounded were helped to get up. Jena sent some swearing , but then calmed down. Totila had a cut on her cheek and, playing down, she said:

  • I’ve always wanted to have a mansure. Now I have it … “

The group of fugitives was led into the depths of the forest to a camp, where the wounded were treated. The chief stayed with Max and Der, telling them about the operations they were preparing, updating them on the news they too had, on the Resistance in Northern Europe, even if, according to him, there was not much to count on it.

  • They are rumors. And when they reach us after a thousand kilometers, they arrive magnified… The next morning, the Werwolfe greeted the ethno and wished them good luck. the Company resumed its journey. It was June 29th

The bridge

The journey went smoothly for a few days. The Company always followed the paths inside the forests, only going out at night when there were obligatory routes and trying to show themselves as little as possible to avoid being framed by the thermal scanners of the killer drones. During the journey, the binoculars, Max and Der observed the great communication roads: they saw a large transit of vehicles, mostly military, all traveling north. The entrances of the cities, like those of the villages, were controlled by the Multiethnic Militia and by the Psicopol; others by bands of irregular and stray. Many helicopters monitored suspicious movements from above. After Munich, the group skirted a huge CRM, populated by thousands of German refractory and deviant Germans who lived in pitiful conditions in shacks and under makeshift tents. Probably, according to Black Guelph, many of those wretches would not have survived the winter. A great sadness and anger, at that sight, gripped the Company, and I strengthen the determination to reach the North as soon as possible and bring to the Northern Rebellion the message of desperation that came from the non-homologated European populations, oppressed and locked up in the globalist gulags. On 2 July, after traveling the Veldensteiner Forst in the direction of Bayreuth, the Company was forced to cross the river Pegnitz. The highway bridge was impassable, given the military traffic. There were two other bridges: one crossed by the state road, manned by renegade and stray patrols, and the railway one, at first sight less controlled. It was decided to cross the latter; but on a subsequent and more careful reconnaissance, the rebels saw that this bridge too was manned on both sides, respectively by three individuals. Max decided to force it. The three strays who guarded the opposite bank would have been eliminated by a select group that would have crossed the other side of the river, along the iron beams that supported it: the team would have been composed of Der, Soviet, Jena, Green. The most agile. Totila on the bank, with her sniper rifle – a gift from the Werwolfe – would intervene in case of need. Max and the rest of the group would take care of the other three strays. The operation was supposed to take place before dusk. Halexandra and Larth would guard the horses, in the woods, ready for a signal, to run towards the bridge.

The commando of Der and Soviet reached the opposite bank through the metal beams, went up the bank. Der looked out cautiously. In front of him there were three strays on guard. They were high on drugs. Probably crack or some other filth of theirs. This would have facilitated their action. The deviant threw his dagger. The first stray fell and put his hands to his throat. The second was hit by an arrow fired by Ken. The third, terrified, threw himself on his knees in front of the four rebels, whimpering and stammering incomprehensible words. Der with a precise blow of his katana decapitated him. At the same time, Max and the others finished off the other three strays. After stripping them of their weapons and ammunition and food, they threw the bodies into the river. Just in time, because shortly after, after crossing the bridge and returning to the woods, they saw a truck arrive with the gearbox. Some of the strays, after calling their companions at the top of their lungs, saw blood on the ground and began to jump and scream hysterically.

  • They probably have a radio in the truck. They could sound an alarm. Better stop them! Max said. Totila and Soviet took up their sniper rifles. Before the man reached the truck, he collapsed to the ground hit in the head and shoulders. The driver, hit by a blow that shattered the glass, collapsed on the steering wheel. The six strays who had to take over jumped out of the truck. Three were hit by Soviet Totila and Der. The others fell from the heavy rifle fire and hit by Ken’s darts. Der and Jena went down to the pitch by the side of the railway. There were two sharp knocks. The wounded had passed away. Then they gathered up their weapons (now, every ethno would have an automatic rifle, a pistol and numerous boxes of ammunition at their disposal), loaded the bodies onto the truck and, setting it in motion, they made it fall into the river.
  • The time has come to run away! In six hours, the next change will give the alarm. We have to put as much distance between us and them as possible, Max said. – Tomorrow morning we have to enter the forests of the Fichtelgebirge! ” They threw themselves into the forest path. A couple of hours later, a slightly undulating plain opened in front of them. A white road, illuminated by the full moon, facilitated their escape. The Company threw themselves into a gallop

The Night Ride

The Fellowship rode all night in the light of the full moon.

  • Sub Luna Saltamus, Totila said to Black Guelph who was at his side.
  • What?! Guelph asked, amazed.
  • Nothing… ”Totila answered. – The fact is that sometimes the lines of some distant song come to mind … These are from an old tune of a Swedish group from the 70s of the last century:
  • They came from the hills
  • And they came from the valleys and the plains
  • They struggled in the cold
  • In the heat and the snow and in the rain
  • Came to hear him play
  • Play their minds away …
  • They came from the south
  • From the west and the north and from the east
  • They waited for the man …
  • I think I know her! ” said Guelfo, who was a good connoisseur of music. – The Piper ‘…
  • Exactly… Totila smiled.

The Fichtelgebirge forest was still far away and to the east, the pink-fingered aurora, to quote Homer, was brightening the horizon when they came near a village on which a wooded hill rose

. – Let’s stop, Max said. – The horses are exhausted. Let’s take shelter in the woods above the village. The sun was rising. The ethno people crossed a vast meadow and climbed the hill, entering the vegetation. As soon as they got into the trees, they threw themselves on the ground, heedless of the grass wet from the nocturnal dew. Der placed himself at the edge of the forest and with binoculars began to scan the horizon and the village. His attention was drawn to some dark rumblings from the south. He turned in that direction and saw distant columns of smoke rise.

  • They’re bombing! Only Max and Larth heard his words. The others had fallen heavily asleep. – Curse! There are helicopters! I’m afraid they’re coming towards us, Der said. Max took his binoculars and directed them to the spot Der was pointing to. The black dots were getting bigger and bigger and coming in their direction. In a few minutes they were over the village and began circling like black vultures over the houses. Then they released rockets towards the houses. There were very violent explosions. Soon after, high flames arose. Some villagers sought safety by throwing themselves into the street, but a rotating barrel machine gun came into action from a helicopter. A hail of bullets mangled the survivors. Then the aircraft headed for the grove. He stopped above the trees and fired random machine gun blasts. Soon after, he walked away with the others. The hail of blows sliced ​​and smashed some trees. Fortunately, the fugitives remained unharmed, except Totila. A splinter of wood had hit him in the eyebrow and the lid of his left eye. She was losing blood. Halexandra rushed out with her first aid kit and dabbed his wound with a hemostatic ointment.
  • The eye is also slightly injured, the girl said. She bandaged his head with gauze and applied a black bandage to her offended eye.
  • Well, Totila said. – First the mansure, now also the pirate blindfold.
  • Or to Dayan … she said laughing Jena. Remained hidden for about an hour, also due to the passage of a drone-killer, after the attack they went down to the village. There was a stable, where they found numerous dead cattle; but there was also a lot of hay for the horses. Black Guelph, Halexandra, Patriot, Green and Der walked down the main road in search of survivors. They saw none. They were all dead. Guelph and Patriot raised a prayer for their souls. It was now evening when the ethno decided to leave. From the sky, a dense and insistent drizzle began to descend. They rode back. In a couple of hours they would have entered the forests of the Fichtelgebirge.

The battle

After a couple of hours the Company reached the edge of the great forest. Max identified a path marked on his papers and, together with his companions, went forward, advancing in the darkness. An hour later they came to what looked like a refuge.

  • Hic manebimus optime! Black Guelph said, drenched in rain. They entered the wooden house. Inside there were cots, a large fireplace and a large table made of oak boards with benches around it. Ken and Jena immediately lit the fire. They were soaked and needed to dry their clothes. They took off their clothes. Halexandra too. Which provoked cheers of approval and whistles of admiration.
  • What fools! Was the girl’s comment. Meanwhile, Larth and Green, who had remained outside tying their horses under a shed, came back in carrying large chunks of beef.
  • We got these from the stable. They wouldn’t have helped anyone anyway. Grilled steaks tonight! Larth said. A “hurray!” Accepted the proposal. After drying their clothes over the fire, the ethnos placed the large grill that lay near the fireplace on the live embers. Larth had divided the pieces of meat into thirteen steaks, then put them on the fire. Halexandra and Patriot placed the metal bowls and glasses on the table.
  • We would like some flowers, said the girl. 1
  • No, Larth said. – it would take a nice bottle of Chianti! Ah! ah! ah!

“I have something for you,” Der interjected, taking a bottle of Gentian liqueur from the bag, a gift from the Werwolfe. – It will not be Chianti, but at the end of the dinner it will be useful. The hungry fugitives bit the flesh like wolves. Only Totila and Green, who were vegetarians, avoided meat, preferring cheese and biscuits. At the end they filled the glasses with the liqueur that Der had offered. After toasting the Emperor and the success of the enterprise, someone began to sing an ancient war hymn. A second round of Genziana cleared their voices and the chorus became even more powerful. Before going to bed, Max set up two-hour guard shifts of two hours each.

  • We should be safe here … he said. – But better be careful. The last one, from four to six in the morning would be for Totila, Soviet. At four, the Uncle was awakened together with the others. Each of them walked to the four sides of the house, about a hundred paces from it. Fortunately it had stopped raining and a light breeze had blown away the mist. Around five o’clock, Der heard noises and a curse coming from his side. Taking the infrared binoculars, he saw several red shadows in front of him. He slid to Totila’s post. “Uncle” had also heard and seen some movement.
  • Better to raise the alarm. Der, go wake everyone up. I have the impression that we are surrounded! Maybe last night we made an imprudence to light the fire. Someone or some drone may have seen the smoke …

Der ran towards the house, and entered, woke his companions, warning them of the danger. In a few minutes the deviants came out and formed a circle, sheltered by the big trees. The horses were secured behind some rocks. Max ordered them to open fire only at his orders. Meanwhile he scanned the woods. A timid light began to illuminate the forest. Max with his thermal visor scanned the ground in front of him.

  • There will be a hundred … If they look for us, we will sell our lives dearly. Totila and Soviet with their sniper rifles watched the shadows approach.
  • I’m two hundred meters away, Jena whispered. Der, behind a large log lying on the ground, sharpened the blade of his dagger on a stone he carried with him. The attackers stopped. Then a belligerent scream gave them the order to attack. The multiethnicians threw themselves loudly and disorderly. They were done. Full of “crack”. The ethno began to shoot: immediately the first assailants fell. Der, Totila and Soviet hit the mark at every shot. But the multiethnicians were many… the russian, observing the militiamen in their sights, he noticed a guy with a red bandana who was inciting the assailants from behind.
  • He Must be the boss. Let’s see … Now the bandana was in his sights. A blow and the head along with the bandana seemed to explode. The attackers had a moment of disarray and bewilderment. They stopped and began the siege by investing the fugitives with a hail of bullets. They had started a couple of machine guns.
  • We have to silence them! Max shouted. Soviet with a feline leap climbed a tree, In a few moments he had almost reached the top.
  • Do you see them? Totila yelled. – Yes, I have them under fire, said Soviet. Four shots went off and the machine guns fell silent. The multiethnicians then tried to advance screaming. As the situation became more and more critical, the ethno heard explosions coming from behind their backs and from the sides of the attackers. The militiamen were now attacked on the flanks with hand and short

bursts of machine guns. Many of them, caught between two fires, fell to the ground like empty sacks. Then, surrounded, they began to raise their hands and surrendered. Max, observing the scene with binoculars, saw that the new arrivals had their faces covered in black balaclavas: – The Werwolfe! He screamed. The ethno got out of their positions and approached the saviors. Der walked over to what appeared to be the boss, and started talking to him. The man took off his mask and shook hands with Der and Max. At that point the two groups fraternized, hugging each other.

  • Let’s fix these bastards and then follow us to our camp. You will be our guests. Said Hans, the leader of the partisans.
  • You were lucky. My company and I were out on patrol when we heard the shots. An advance platoon of ours had warned us that government gangs were besieging the shelter. The Turchini (the GoMo militiamen) hardly go into the forests. The thing intrigued us and here we are.

The prisoners were lined up and after a brief interrogation, shot down. Weapons, ammunition, radio transmitters, documents found on them were collected and the bodies were made to disappear.

  • Not finding the bodies of their companions terrifies them, makes them crazy … Hans explained to the guests. At the Wehrwolf camp, the ethno were able to take a good bath and have a change of clothes. The MuMi uniforms were replaced by leopard camouflage jackets, belts and camouflage caps that the group liked a lot.
  • First-rate stuff, Hans said. – Comes from a Bundeswehr warehouse. The horses were shod and groomed. There they learned from the seized documents that the Militia command in the area had begun a search campaign and a rich bounty hung over the Company’s heads.

The prophecy

  • You’re famous, Hans said, laughing. – They call you the Gang of Rabid Dogs … A multiethnic we questioned told us a curious story that circulates among the globalists. He spoke of a prophecy spread by Macrom’s new Congolese wife, the Governor of the former France.

He tells of a Company that would have come from the South and that, crawling, like a poisonous snake, would have brought ruin to the world of Brotherhood and Love if it had not been stopped in its march towards the North.

“Maybe the prophecy is about someone else,” Max jeered.

  • Well, but the size is on your heads! The multiethnic mentioned a band of eleven men and a woman. And you, I think you are twelve men and there is a girl among you …
    Then Hans offered to take the ethno people north in a couple of trucks. There were him, he said, safe back roads, under the control of the werwolves. They could have been transported to Leipzig for a hundred kilometers in a few hours and by doing so they would have saved three days of riding. The Company enthusiastically accepted and thanked Hans.

When they arrived near Leipzig, the ethno got out of the Werwolfe trucks. They had another 350 km in front of them before reaching the shores of the North Sea. But the guerrilla who drove one of the trucks came to their rescue. He told Max that there was a railway still in use that led directly north. It was used only for freight transport. Often, he said, the Werwolfe use it to move within Germany and to make contact with other rebel bands.

  • There is a small station in Dobernitz, north of Leipzig, said the werwolfe – where once a week, about thirty freight wagons are loaded for the transport of agricultural products and various goods which are sent north to Rostock, bypassing the nuclearized zone of Berlin. During the night you could get into a wagon and wait until the next morning, when the freight wagons are hitched to a locomotive coming with other wagons from Leipzig. Then the convoy leaves, without stopping directly for Rostock. The next evening you may arrive in the Hanseatic city. Indeed, you could get off earlier, around Schwerin. in those parts, about ten kilometers from the station, there are works in progress and the train slows down, and from there head east towards Poland. And all free at the expense of the World Government!

The men laughed at the idea of ​​traveling free from the government. They thanked the rebel and decided to follow his advice, also because the train would leave the next morning and there was no time to waste! They arrived near the town in the middle of the night. In silence, following the railway, they reached the siding indicated by the partisan, where there were parked wagons. Max decided to open the last one. After tinkering for some time, Larth and Green managed to open the hatch. Fortunately, the wagon was half full. By putting down some boards they made the horses go up, then they got on. Space was very small, but the prospect of saving yourself such a long journey was worth some sacrifice. The next morning, at six in the morning, they were awakened by the typical backlash of the wagons when they are coupled. Shortly thereafter the convoy slowly began to move. One problem remained. How to get off with the horses? Even if the train slowed down, the horses could not get off with the car in motion. There was a risk that they would become lame. They decided that once they got to the vicinity of Schwerin, during the slowdown, they would uncouple the wagon. Around 6 pm, after a journey that lasted almost twelve hours, the convoy began to slow down. Soviet and Larth got out of the wagon which was proceeding at walking pace, and climbed onto the buffers, released the wagon which continued its run for a hundred meters. They were in the open country. They laid the boards on the hatch and let the horses out. Then they vanished into the darkness, heading east

Towards East

They took the direction that brought them to Neubrandemburg and then to Szczecin. 200 km of forests and lakes in sparsely populated or uninhabited areas. In 6 days of forced marches, they passed the Oder near Pomellen.

On July 16, in the middle of the night, after knocking out four renegades, they crossed the highway bridge near Szczecin on their way to Gdansk. On the 28th, after having crossed the Krajobranowi Park, the ethno arrived in the other large park: that of Kaszubski. On the 30th they passed the famous German city of Danzig, now in the hands of the Poles. Before them was the Vistula. They had to cross the great river But all the bridges in front of them, starting from the north, were heavily manned. Max then decided to skirt the watercourse to the southeast and find a passage with little or no guarded place. But transit to the other bank was also closed in Grudziadz. The fugitives even saw two armored vehicles guarding the passage on the Vistula. Luck would have it that Ken discovered a barge moored along the shore, hidden by dense vegetation. The ethnic groups descended from the embankment and arrived at the clearing where the boat was moored. In a shed they found empty canisters. But one was half full. They emptied it into the tank and Larth was able to start the engine with difficulty and not without a series of curses. Max checked the opposite bank with his binoculars. Everything seemed peaceful. The horses were bred and then slowly the barge crossed the great river. It took about ten interminable minutes before reaching the opposite bank. They stared at the top of a tree and landed. They climbed up the grassy bank and galloped back into the countryside. On 2 August they reached the vicinity of Itawa, on 4, through forests full of lakes (and mosquitoes!) They reached Ostroda; on the 6th they passed Olsztyn. That same day Max took stock of the situation. It was necessary to turn north towards Koenigsberg and then reach the Baltic countries.

-By now, he said satisfied, -we’ve done more than halfway. We are now downhill. They took the road towards Dobre Miasto. The day was splendid. They expected to reach the old border in the day. Along the way, a group of Poles who were working on a power line saw them and followed them with their eyes. Ken saw that one of them had taken a cell phone and was communicating. Max didn’t pay too much attention to us.

-We don’t always have to be negative … he said.

  • I don’t trust the Poles, they are loyal to the world government, replied Der. In fact, Poland, in addition to being one of the detonators of the past war, had obtained from the world government a status of semi-freedom, even if it had had to accept immigration quotas and accept the integration policy.
    There are also Poles fighting the GoMo. Catholics did not fold. Black Guelph answered Der

The Mopping up

After half an hour of walking along a path, Jena stopped and

  • Can’t you hear? These are helicopters…. The fugitives pricked their ears. They heard the typical approaching buzz. A dozen Kobra attack helicopters appeared on the horizon and above the trees. The ethno turned his mounts and galloped into the forest. They entered just in time. A few seconds later they heard volleys of bullets whistling and crashing into trees.
  • Let’s turn south! They will look for us in the North direction! Black Guelph shouted. The “monk” was right. Helicopters buzzed north, flooding the woods with bullets and rockets. They retraced their steps, but at the end of the woods, when they were about to leave, they saw the road full of armored vehicles and helicopters that landed dozens of MuMi special forces men. They were surrounding the woods. Kobra helicopters to the north, the Militia to the east, west and south. Max and Der looked at the cards.
  • The Lyna River passes through the bush. If we reach it and follow it south to Jankowo. Maybe we’ll make it

They continued west as the mortar rounds fell, fortunately far enough. The men reached the river. They went down into the water and followed the route south. It wasn’t deep. The water came to their life. Max ordered the horses to be held by the bridle and held in case the depth increased. They continued, as hell broke out behind them. The stream, after a march that seemed interminable to the fugitives, flowed into a marshy lake. The Company regained ground and skirted the embankment covered with tall rushes and willows. Everything seemed peaceful. Perhaps they had broken the encirclement. In the forest behind them, hell continued. They left the pond and began to ride east, in the shelter of an embankment on which an abandoned railway ran. In the evening they arrived near an old disused station. The name still read on the rusty sign: Ketrzyn. – Do you know what this place was once called? Max asked. Everyone replied in the negative. This place was once called Rastenburg!

The Dream of Soviet

The ethno continued to follow the old railway tracks and came to the ‘Wolfschanze’ area. It was almost night. The riders wandered through the ruins of the bunkers in silence, then, Max stopped and dismounted.

  • We’ll stop here tonight. The fugitives dismounted from their mounts. Some of them looked for some wood and lit a fire. After having eaten a sparse dinner, they talked, in the light of the fire, of the ‘Wolf’s Den’, of the attack on July 20, of Mussolini’s visit and of other dramatic events that had taken place in that place. They felt History hovering around them. A terrible and bloody story. The place exuded a sinister charm and an indefinable but palpable strength. Then, overwhelmed by fatigue, I took their sleeping bags and lay down inside a bunker. Max, did not command any watch, as if he were sure that among those ruins indefinable presences would watch over the Company. In moments, sleep fell upon their eyes. Almost all of them woke up the next morning. A splendid sun illuminated a clear blue day. Around them only birdsong and a light breeze that gently moved the branches of the trees. The sleep had been deep and restorative. They felt a strength and determination upon them that they had never felt before. It seemed that the place had charged them with positive energies. Everyone had dreamed of something, but most didn’t remember what. Only Soviet had the dream well in mind. After Halexandra and Totila had prepared a jug of hot coffee, ex-spetsnatz, he started talking:
  • Listen: we were on a plain when we were attacked by militiamen. Our situation was desperate. They were about to annihilate us. Suddenly I heard a deep but at the same time reassuring voice that showed us a way out. We managed to escape, but not only that. We also came into possession of a valuable card; but on this particular I don’t remember much. Later we arrived on the shore of a large sea. We wanted to cross it, but we had no means of doing it. We had to, because behind us the enemy was following us. We walked north along the beach until we found a stranded drakkar. After much effort we managed to put it into the sea. We sailed for two days and two nights until we came to a land covered with forests. We went inland and reached a castle. Here we were greeted with kindness. The owners poured a very sweet drink into the cups that took away our tiredness and gladdened our hearts. Then the rumor urged us to return to battle. We have crossed a vast sea and arrived in a hostile and inhospitable land. We entered a cave where we faced seven terrible snakes. Finally an unclean red snake appeared to us. His eyes were terrible and at the same time bewitching. He asked us why we wanted to make war on him. He had come to earth to bring Love and Brotherhood among peoples. His words were sweet as honey. We listened to him spellbound. He promised us, if we allied with him, wealth, happiness, sex and power. At that moment, the voice we heard at the beginning pointed to a long line of men and women: heroes, knights, martyrs, nobles and peasants from the Vendée, counter-revolutionaries, and finally an endless column of soldiers. Everyone looked at us dumb and sad. The voice, he ordered us: ‘AVENGE THEM!’ … Then I don’t know what happened, I don’t remember. But I only remember that in the end he told us again: – When everything is over, continue to watch over the world, so that Evil does not triumph. Hand over the eternal values ​​and laws of Tradition to your successors and so be it for centuries to come! As long as the Order that you will erect will last, the Darkness and the Demons that have been unleashed will remain chained in the Underworld. Then I woke up. The fugitives listened with fascination to Soviet’s dream.

Larth, disenchanted and cynical as usual, said that Soviet had dreamed of a novel and that he would have a great future as a writer of fantasy stories.

The Marshes of Death

Upon hearing Soviet’s words, the rebels tried to explain the dream. However, whatever the meaning, one thing was certain: each of them felt within themselves the awareness of being the instrument of Destiny that should have been realized. After collecting their belongings and loading them onto the horses, they mounted the saddle. As they walked away from the Wolfschanze, they often turned to look at the ruins of the bunkers. Something had happened in their hearts and their souls that night. An unknown strength and determination now animated them. Max looked at the cards. –

  • Shall we go north? “Patriot asked.

-No, we still continue east through the marshes. Then to the North. Massimo answered. – We will go towards the Masurian Lakes and then towards Suwalki. Then we will enter Lithuanian territory and then towards the Baltic, hoping to find the… drakkar… ”he said looking at Soviet. It was August 7th. The group went through roads lined with dense forests. He entered a swampy and inhospitable territory. As they approached Lake Mamry, a horrible stench of death and putrid water reached them. The closer they got, the more nauseating and unbearable smell increased. Max ordered them to lift the scarves around their necks after impregnating them with the essence that Halexandra carried with her. They stopped. Along the road. Ahead of them two trucks were unloading something. Max and Der got off their horses and behind a hedge they saw that some chained men were unloading a dozen bodies from the truck. Four militiamen with masks on their faces, probably hybrids, controlled them with drawn guns.

  • What the fuck are they doing ?! Massimo asked.
  • They dump those bodies and throw them in the swamp, Der replied, but to find out you would have to question those guardians … Do you think it can be done?
  • Call Ken, Patriot, Soviet and Totila. Crawl towards them and catch a live couple. When you get close, Soviet and Totila will wipe out the others. Der, Ken and Patriota, running bent and sheltered from the vegetation, approached the two heavy vehicles and flattened themselves to the ground. Soviets and Totila shot four Guardians with two shots each. Der and the other ethno jumped on the two survivors and hit them in the back of the head, causing them to fall asleep, much to the astonishment of the prisoners. Der signaled and the rest of the company arrived within seconds. Soviet questioned the chained men: they were refractory Baltics, forced to unload the bodies of their comrades killed or dead in a large mental rehabilitation camp near Suwalki. They have been released. The weapons were stolen from the militiamen and given to them. – Now you can start resisting, Max told them. Meanwhile, the two guardians have been awakened using fire. They told terrified that they had taken the corpses into the lakes on the orders of the Multi-ethnic Militia Command of the region.

They said that there had been hundreds of deaths in the camp due to an epidemic and that there was no time to bury or cremate them. So they had to be thrown into the great swamp. They said, once again, that their unit had been alerted to check the Baltic roads. There were rumors that a pack of angry dogs from afar was about to cross the front. Der and Ken finished them. Max looked at the swamp. A horrible sight appeared before their eyes. Hundreds of rotting bodies floated swollen and shapeless in the waters. Guelph made the sign of the cross and prayed in a low voice for those souls. Der asked the freed Baltics if the roads were clear. One of them, the chief, said there was no danger from there to Suwalki. Max nodded yes to Der and motioned for them to get into the trucks. They would go ahead with the two means of the government. The horses were put on the first truck and the ethno got on the second. Another hundred kilometers saved. After passing Suwalki and the Polish border, after greeting the Baltics who immediately went into hiding, the Company entered Lithuania, direction: Marjiapole. Here he abandoned his vehicles and continued on horseback in the direction of Kaunas. From there they would head west. Finally towards the Baltic!

It was August 9 when, after sleeping in the forest, they resumed their journey. They skirted a large road, heavily trafficked by military vehicles, they had to wait a good hour before being able to cross it and re-enter the dense vegetation beyond the road.

They met another communication route that cut through the woods, but this was not frequented. Totila who was in the lead, however, noticed a group of cars parked near what looked like a tavern. She took the binoculars and she observed the area: she saw two trucks with about thirty militiamen and an off-road vehicle, flaming black. On her face two red flags with a yellow five-pointed star. On the trucks the emblem of the infamous 666 Division an elite formation of the globalist forces.

General Otama

  • Shit! he must be a big shot, said the rebel …
  • Already ! He replied that Max in turn had begun to scan the building with binoculars.
  • Such an opportunity does not happen every day …! Der said.
  • How about going to see who it is?
  • Soviet and Totila will cover us by shooting from afar. Langbard and Jena with the MG will mow down the militiamen sitting at the tables outside. Der, Larth, Guelfo, Green, Ken, Halexandra and me, we will arrive from the back and we will break into the local. Everything will have to be done at the same time. Totila and Soviet will shoot the first militiamen, at the same time the MG will hit those sitting outside drinking beer and we will enter the tavern. The surprise must be total. To shoot, wait until you see us at the back of the house and wait for the light signal that I will give you with the mirror. Understood?! …

Soviet and Totila took up positions behind trees. Ultimo and Jena placed the MG along the road, hidden by some bushes, perpendicular to the tavern, but in a slightly elevated position. Max and the others, coming from the woods, came to the back of the tavern. At 10.30 precisely, after receiving the light signal, Totila and Soviet struck the first two militiamen. Several others were killed or injured by the MG’s first deadly blasts. Der entered the room first, hitting what appeared to be two bodyguards with his katana. Max and Ken killed four more. The surprise was total. Halexandra, Guelfo and Green struck the militiamen who outside the room, fired towards the forest, hidden behind trucks or took cover behind a wall. The operation had lasted a few minutes. The ethno, as they would soon realize, had got their hands on a big shot and a bag that the prisoner desperately tried, in the confusion, to throw into the fireplace, but failed to do so. the rebels surrounded the man. He was wearing a blue uniform. A waistcoat and numerous badges; a white silk scarf and a tan shirt; blue trousers that ended up inside very shiny black amphibious boots. On his head he wore a beret with four stars. The man was a tall and robust mulatto in his forties.

  • What’s your name? Max asked.
  • I’m Commissioner General John B. Otama, the man said.
  • The documents show a category A hybrid. American mother and Ugandan father .. said Der who was checking the documents in the bag.
  • Fuck! But in here there are cards of enormous importance !!! Der shouted, reading the papers he had taken from the bag. – This man is the commander of the Northern Front. He is the one who was appointed by the World Government to crush the Northern Resistance. Here are the plans for the offensive that will have to take place in a few weeks !!! It will be called operation ‘Arcobaleno2’. The plans include nuclear bombings and the total annihilation of all resistance. Then, there is another terrible news. In six weeks, Operation ‘Mandela’ will begin, which involves the destruction and annihilation of all Reeducation Camps in Europe. They fear uprisings of the deviant inmates therefore they have decided to eliminate any form of dissent and resistance.
  • My God! – Guelfo exclaimed – What will become of our brothers?!.

The prisoner lowered his eyes, but Green, placing the barrel of the machine gun under his chin, raised his head, forcing him to meet the anger-filled gazes of the Company.

  • Listen here: there is a ‘Very Urgent – Top Secret’ document that concerns us, continued Der taken from reading the sheets: Absolute Priority: To the General Command Psicopol and the General Command of the Multi-ethnic Militia. We understand that a gang of terrorists who escaped from the Center for Mental Re-education No. 17 in the Governorate of the 78 Star of the SUM, after having crossed the Alps and Germany, killing many fighters of the Army of Love and Peace, tries to go towards Scandinavia. The order is ABSOLUTE and CATEGORICAL: they must be intercepted and annihilated! In this regard, all the Security Forces will have to cooperate for the success of this operation. From the Headquarters of the World Government, the capture of this gang is considered VITAL for the fate and the keeping of Love and Peace. Photos and news of criminal terrorists are attached. Signed the General Commissariat for World Security. “
  • Fuck! We are! We have become famous! Jena exclaimed, laughing happily like a child. Max approached the man and asked him:
  • Why are we considered so dangerous? Speak out! The man stammered:
  • It’s the Prophecy! “
  • What prophecy ?! Green asked with barrel of the machine gun placed on the chest
  • The Prophecy of Moona ‘Nkamba, the Gambian wife of the World Governor of the 77th Star of the SUM, ex France, Macrom. All her prophecies about her have come true, and she is listened to much; but the last one frightened the World Government: you speak of a pack of wolves escaped from their:

speaks of a pack of wolves escaped from their enclosure and that, after crossing valleys, hills, mountains and rivers, will arrive in the great North between snow and forest and from there will bring ruin to our world of Peace and Love. The fugitives looked at each other in silence. Only Totila hummed:

They came from the hills

And they came from the valleys and the plains

They struggled in the cold In the heat and the snow and in the rain

Came to hear him play

Play their minds away

Guelfo looked at him, smiling

  • It seems that it is us … Der he continued reading. From the documents it was clear that from there to the Baltic it would be difficult to pass through the meshes of the globalist security forces, but Max cut it short:
  • We have a mission to accomplish. And then we have the Voice and the Prophecy on our side, he said with a smile, – so get in the saddle and let’s go! Photograph the documents and then put them in the bag and throw it in the fire. Nobody will have to know that we know. Der thought of the prisoner: a blow to the back of the head and the general fell to the ground without a moan. Rpg- rocket launchers, radio transmitters and a satellite navigator were collected in the trucks. The tavern was set on fire with Otama’s body and documents inside. As high clouds of black smoke rose from the road, the Fellowship entered the forest. West direction. Towards the Baltic.

Towards the Baltic!

The fugitives threw themselves down the forest path to the west. They knew that as soon as the ambush at the tavern was discovered, hell would break out. They rode for a couple of hours. Then, during a stop, Max turned on the radio transmitters stolen from the militiamen. He tuned in to the wavelengths of the MuMi. Excited voices shouted orders and demanded the immediate intervention of drones, helicopters and men for a round-up in the forests around the site of the massacre. The news, it seemed to everyone, had reached the highest levels of the World Government. Tsirhc himself had ordered that rabid dogs be captured and annihilated at any cost.

  • We made it big, Max said. – Now it will be our business. In the saddle! Let’s flee!.

The Company set off at a great pace, but the hum of Kobra helicopters could already be heard nearby. A couple of jets had also passed overhead. Shortly thereafter, bursts of napalm bombs blocked the escape of the ethno. A helicopter began to circle overhead, firing bursts of machine guns. The men threw themselves into a gully. Soviet took up the RPG and aimed at the Kobra. The rocket took off, hitting the craft which began to spin around on itself until it smashed to the ground and raised high flames and clouds of black smoke.

  • Shoo! Max ordered. – Now we will have all the globalist forces on us!

After three hundred meters, the ethno people saw the commandos of the MuMi who, through long ropes, were lowering themselves from the heli-transports among the tall fir trees. They were about to be surrounded. Der looked around. On the left of him a ravine, quite steep. At the bottom flowed a stream:

  • This way, quick! He screamed.

The ethno dismounted, rolling for about ten meters, together with the horses on the bottom. It was there that Soviet heard the Voice again.

  • Stop! He screamed. I heard the Voice! He told me to follow the stream eastwards until we reach a clearing where there is a large stone …
  • He is crazy! He hit his head rolling! Langbard said.
  • Now he hears the voices … Soon he will say that he is Joan of Arc … Ken commented.
  • Die to die, let’s follow the madman’s advice … Max replied.

With Soviet in the lead, after half an hour of explosions and fires, they came to a clearing, where a large stone stood at the edge of a rocky wall, covered with moss.

  • What do we do now? Langbard asked Soviet.
  • I do not know! replied the former Spetsnatz.
  • Almost, almost shot him! Langbard replied, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. At that moment three men completely camouflaged with foliage and shrubs entered the clearing. The rebels aimed their machine guns and ordered them to stop. One of them uncovered his face and:
  • We are the Forest Brothers. Follow us if you don’t want to die.

Given the circumstances, having little to choose from, the Company decided to follow the three guerrillas. Above them the explosions increased. They also heard the hiss of several oncoming jets.

  • Soon! said one of the three men. They entered a tunnel in the rock whose entrance was perfectly camouflaged. The guerrillas closed a heavy stone door with some effort. Then they led the fugitives down a descending corridor carved into the stone without saying a word. They came to another armored door. The Fellowship found themselves in a large room whose ceiling was supported by huge tree trunks. The light was dim. There were candles in the middle of a table made of boards. Some men were studying papers. From time to time the explosions caused dust to fall from above. The guerrillas spoke to a man who appeared to be the commander.
  • Hospitality. My name is Stanis and I am in charge of this detachment. You made a big mess … You, it seems, are the rabid dogs that killed General Otama. I err?
  • That’s right, Commander Stanis, Max said.
  • Nice to meet you, although I would have preferred you to have unleashed this hell in some other area. Not right above us … the Lithuanian said with a half smile. He then explained to them that their location was part of a system of underground fortifications and bunkers dating back to GM II and had been used by anti-Communist Lithuanian partisans until the 1950s. He also said that the shelters had never been located by the Soviets.
  • Today they are the salvation of us rebels. From here we attack the multiethnicians along the streets and where they have principals and then we take refuge here. You were lucky to be on top of us today. Otherwise…
  • We heard about you through MuMi communications. You are highly sought after. Luckily my men have found you …, said the partisan leader.
  • Actually, we found your men. We were about to go in the opposite direction. Then, a Voice… er, a voice from within suggested that I come this way ”.
  • I see. A voice you say? the commander answered, looking puzzled at Max. Stanis ordered something from his men. He went to the group and:
  • I know you have a … mission to accomplish. I don’t want to hold you back. But now we have to put an end to this bedlam. We have eliminated twelve multi-ethnic prisoners, including one woman. My men are taking them to the forest. Half a dozen grumblers with them. Then we will sprinkle them with napalm and set them on fire. The bodies will be unrecognizable. They’ll think it’s you. This staging, I hope, will convince the forces of the world government that have annihilated you. Soon after, this hell will surely end. They will loosen their grip. Now follow me to the control room. We will wait for the enemy radios to report your elimination. After that you can continue your mission.

The ethno thanked Stanis and congratulated him on his cunning. A few hours passed. The long-awaited communication has finally arrived. A multi-ethnic unit announced to the Command the discovery of twelve corpses and some horses, charred. The news was broadcast with emphasis. Immediately after the multi-ethnic communications, they looked crazy. Everyone talked to everyone and everyone congratulated everyone on the annihilation of the Company.

  • They fell for it, Stanis said. – As soon as it’s dawn, you can leave in peace. The ethno was waiting for the new day. The commander of the Lithuanian rebels accompanied the Company to an exit from the shelter. Outside, the noise of battle was gone. The eternal silence of the great forest, interrupted only by birdsong, had regained the upper hand. – My men will show you the way. Good luck comrades!
  • You too, commander. We’ll meet again in better times, Max said.
  • I hope so, “Stanis replied.” Everything will depend on … on you. The fugitives thanked again and disappeared at a gallop into the trees. They marched all night. The next day, after a short stop, they resumed the journey to the sea, the radios of the mondialists reported forcefully that the Company had been incinerated.

It was August 10th. After a slow and cautious march through the woods, on August 14 the Company arrived near Seduva.

On the 14th he passed the Siauliau junction, heading north-west. The ethnic people crossed the important A12 road which led to the north front. There, too, they observed a great deal of military traffic.

On the 16th they took over the direction of Mazekiai. In the evening they would enter Latvia. They followed a low-traffic road through dense forests, ponds, and rolling countryside. The management was Skundra. From there they would head west to reach the Baltic at Pavolosta, a fishing village, where they hoped to find a boat to reach Sweden. Along the way, the ethno commandeered two Mumi trucks later after eliminating the drivers. They got on the first truck after having placed the horses on the second, they took the road at high speed towards the longed-for Baltic.

The Snake Tavern

The Company, after half an hour, arrived near the town of Skrunda.

The trucks crossed the main street of the city. Few and hasty inhabitants looked with curiosity at those “soldiers” in leopard spotted camouflage. Until then they had only seen the blue-turquoise uniforms of the militiamen and the Psicopol or the brown ones of the strays. The small column continued at great speed along the road that ran straight through endless orchards and woods. They were headed for Aizpute. They were now only about fifty kilometers from the sea. At the entrance to Aizpute, a MuMi car blocked the rare vehicles. Max stopped and this roadblock was also cleared in seconds.

  • Let’s go! Massimo said. The two trucks resumed their journey towards Pavilosta, near which they arrived when it was getting dark. The sight of the sea made the men euphoric as they made their way to the quay where some boats were anchored. The village was deserted. Only a few windows made a candle glow. Larth spotted a fishing boat about twenty meters long. He embarked with Soviet. After about ten minutes he got out and:
  • This would be fine, but there is a small detail: it runs out of fuel
  • Shit! Max let it slip. And where do we find the naphtha ?!

Patriot looked around. Behind a window he saw the figure of a man. Together with Soviet, who spoke a little Latvian, he headed home. The man looked out and spoke to Soviet, then, after a few minutes, closed the window. The former Spetsnatz has returned to his teammates.

  • The man said that in the north, 5 km away in Labrags, there is a Militia depot that supplies the vehicles of the Multiethnic Coast Guard.
  • Let’s go to Labrags! Massimo said. The Company got back into the trucks and headed north. They got off before arriving in the country. On the quay they saw a brand new patrol boat about thirty meters long. Max ordered Totila, Larth, and Ken to eliminate the two sentries forward and aft. Ken with his bow hit the two militiamen who fell without a moan. Then, with the rest of the Company, he headed for a tavern from which laughter and vulgar shouts came. They looked through the windows and saw inside, intent on drinking and making crack and coke, about twenty militiamen and sailors. Max motioned for the others to break in with the machine guns drawn. The surprise was total. Der ordered the men, renegades, strays and hybrids, to stand with their backs against a large wall, removing the weapons and phones they carried. A sailor tried to draw a gun, but Halexandra killed him. Ken tore the phone cables. Max turned to the captain asking for the keys to start the engine and the encrypted identity card. The man rummaged in his pockets and then handed the keys and card to Max. At that moment Larth arrived.
  • Here is Larth, what you need to start the engines.
  • Not enough, said the ethno, I also need the hand of the commander. The identifier contained in the microchip is mandatory. Der took the commander’s hand and snapped it off with a sharp swipe of the katana.
  • Here’s the hand! He smiled at Larth. The man let out a cry of pain. A blow from Ken ended his suffering. The prisoners watched the scene in terror.
  • When you are in hell, bring greetings from the gang of Rabid Dogs to your Boss! Ken said and, as he spoke, opened fire, followed by the rest of the Company.

Towards Sweden!

The ethno came out of the tavern and rushed to the quay. They got the horses up aft. Larth and Soviet entered the control room and inserting the cards and the commander’s hand to set the warship in motion. As soon as Green and Patriot had unhooked the lines, Larth slowly gave strength to the engines. It was 9.30pm. The patrol boat moved off and crossed the canal port with the lights out. The “commander” brought the speed to six knots per hour.

  • Why are we going so slow? Der asked.
  • Soon you will know … Larth answered, tense in the face. A few minutes passed when a voice began to speak from the on-board radio.
  • Command of the Coastal Militia. Identify yourself!
  • Here ‘Landanis’ offshore fishing boat … replied the “commander”.
  • Why do you have the transponder turned off ?!
  • Comrade, we have a problem with the system … We are trying to fix it …
  • Get busy! What’s your course ?!
  • West-North-West for 150 miles …
  • A strong storm is coming from Sweden
  • Thanks mate. We will come back before he invests us …
  • Keep in touch with the Weather Center and fix the transponder! You know the orders!
  • Yes comrade! Over and out…
  • Now do you understand? Larth asked to Der.
  • We are under control of the coastal radar … These on the screen are the electronic waves hitting us … If I had put the engines to full force, they would have noticed that they were in front of a military ship. No fishing boat sail at 35 knots … at most it reaches 15 …
  • What if they notice what happened at the tavern and the disappearance of the patrol boat?
  • In that case they will be very bitter cocks for us. Our hope is that they will notice it as late as possible …
  • How many km can they follow us with the radar? Ken asked.
  • It depends … Let’s say we will be visible in a radius of 60-90 miles …
  • This means 90 to 150 km …
  • More or less … When we get out of their reach we will put the engines to the maximum and we will run away … or …
  • OR?
  • We’ll get inside the storm. The rain and the waves strongly disturb the radar reconnaissance …
  • And where is the storm? Max asked worriedly. Larth switched on a monitor.
  • There it is, he said, pointing to a reddish forehead. – East direction. Winds 35/40 knots and heavy rain. What it does for
    us … Now it is at 200km and is advancing at a speed of 15/20 miles per hour … Those present began to make calculations.
  • It will take five hours … Ken said. No one answered.
  • How did you get the name of the fishing boat? Max asked.
  • Before setting sail, there were three boats at anchor in the canal. The largest was the ‘Landanis’ … Let’s hope it doesn’t go out into the sea … A shiver of cold ran down the backs of the fugitives at the idea of ​​this possibility. On the bridge, everyone had a task. Soviet went to communications, ready to pick up any alarm signal. At 10.30 pm, one hour before departure, everything was quiet. Larth significantly increased the speed, bringing it to 10 knots. At 11.30 pm the boat was now about thirty kilometers from the coast. The disturbance was now 150 km in front of them. At 12.30, Larth communicated:
  • Routes 48 km. Disturbance at 100km… The voice of the Coastal Militia returned to the radio again.
  • You’re going into bad weather. You better stop! In four hours you’ll have it on you
  • Thanks mate. We are almost at the point. Let’s go on for a while longer.
  • As you wish! He answered the voice. At 1 o’clock, Soviet on the emergency channel picked up a conversation from the MuMi.
  • Comrades! Here we are. They discovered the tavern massacre. They are giving the alarm and sending Militia squads on the spot … The news put the ethno in understandable agitation.

-As soon as they discover the disappearance of the patrol boat, let me know! Larth said, increasing the speed to fifteen knots.

  • We are 60km from the coast and the disturbance is 80km from us … Half an hour later, Soviet reported that the MuMi had discovered the disappearance of the warship and that the victims of the tavern were the sailors and the captain of the boat. A commanding voice came from the radio.
  • Here I command the Coastal Militia at MV GP105. Where are you?! Who are you?!
  • Do not answer! Larth yelled at Soviet. Otherwise they identify and locate us …

A few minutes later the same voice ordered all the boats to return immediately to the ports.

  • All those who do not turn their bow towards the land will be considered hostile and sunk subjects! “
  • Now!” Larth said, giving full force to the engines.
  • We have half an hour of time!

The engines jolted, responding to the commands of the “commander”. Below deck, the ethnos were tossed about by the sudden change of gear. The voice on the radio ordered the boat, now running at 35 knots, to stop immediately.

  • You will be immediately sunk!
  • Fuck you mate! ” he yelled into the Soviet microphone, ending the conversation.
  • We are 60 km from the disturbance … Considering that we travel at 35 knots and you at 15, we will be inside in forty minutes … If they have jets at hand …
  • If they have planes nearby…? Der asked worriedly.

“We’re screwed … Larth ordered the fugitives below decks to go aft and bind the horses, spread blankets on the ground so they wouldn’t slip, and blindfold them.”

  • What will the reaction time be? Max asked.
  • Ten minutes to take the planes to the runway and warm up the engines, two to three minutes to start and get to the top and five to six minutes to have them on …
  • Total 17-19 minutes … said Soviet. At 1.25 am, Larth watched two dots gain altitude on the radar screen. – I’m late … Maybe with a little luck we can make it

The sea began to ripple as the ship lifted mountains of spray. Soviet checked the monitor. – They are approaching … Larth with a lightning-fast decision turned off all electronic equipment and lights. He veered slightly northwest. He idled the engines. great downpours of water hit the ship.

  • The rain !! ”Larth said relieved. Ahead of them the darkness was total, broken only by lightning and lightning . The waves increased, lifting the bow and dropping it heavily. Below, the men and Halexandra clung with all their might to the handrails, while their stomachs were upside down.
  • Now we just have to pray … Larth said. A minute later two jets passed within two miles of them .. But the radars disturbed by the violent rain showers did not locate the naval craft.
  • Here is Charlie at base! The pilot communicated. – They do not see each other. They must have slipped into the perturbation … They turned off radar and every source of emission …
  • Ok! take another flybyand return to base!
  • Okay. Received!

In the patrol boat, long and infinite seconds of tension were consumed. The second step was also not followed up. The jets returned east

  • We made it? Der asked.
  • Yes, but now let’s get ready to dance … For two hours the ship sailed in the heart of the storm. Then the winds began to subside. The rain also decreased in intensity. By four in the morning, an unreal calm had replaced the roar of the storm. A thick fog now hung over the sea. Larth took stock.
  • We’re out of range of their radars. We traveled 150 miles west-north. Larth gave full force to the engines, veering north.
  • We are 90 miles from the Swedish coast! From below deck those who had remained below began to climb onto the bridge. They looked like ghosts: the livid, greenish face, the ringed eyes, and the parched lips.
  • Good morning friends! Larth said. – Are you all right downstairs ?!
  • Fuck … Totila answered with a faint voice.
  • Don’t worry, the worst is over … Larth said.
  • Finally some good news … Halexandra exclaimed, half dead. – I’m going to make some coffee … We all need it … The ship was now spinning, breaking through the calm and gray waters. Jena and Totila went aft to check the horses. They were safe and sound even when tried. Undressed, they neighed faintly.

At 8 in the morning, Larth, after resting for a couple of hours, resumed command of the ship, left to the Soviet.

  • It’s all OK? He asked.
  • Yes, no hostile presence… We are 60 miles from the coast and 100 miles from Stroemsbruck !.
  • Well, a couple more hours and we will have reached our destination … Larth said. At that moment Ken, who had replaced Soviet on the radio, announced:
  • Comrades! it seems that soon there will be a speech by Thsirc on global TV, on the Net and on the radio, destined for the world… ”- And what the hell will he have to say? Green asked.
  • And who knows?! Patriot replied.
  • The speech will start at 10 am local time! Ken added.
  • And we will listen to it. We can not do a rude mica … We are polite people, we … said laughing Max. The navigation continued smoothly. In front of them the radar showed no obstacles or suspicious presences, only the fog, kept the tension high. Everyone was afraid of seeing a danger appear at any moment. At 10 o’clock the thick gray blanket slowly began to thin out. The ship veered towards the coast. The announcer of RadioTv Mondo announced the message of the Head of the World Government with emphasis and emotion

Tsirhc’s message to the world

The Company flocked to the deck to hear the speech.

After the emphatic and stentorian introduction of the speaker, a mellow and velvety voice began to speak. glorifying and magnifying the successes of the World Government: the building of Peace, the consolidation of Brotherhood, the export of Happiness and all other magnificent and progressive results. Later the tone of the voice became dark and grave:

  • But there are still in the world those who harbor a deaf resentment and an infinite hatred towards the government and the Good World. There are gangs of evil and ungrateful people in Northern Europe who incite other people to rebellion. Few terrorists who will soon be liquidated. Soon a major humanitarian operation will eliminate this reactionary cancer and bring happiness, harmony and well-being to those lands as well. Only then will there be the definitive triumph of Peace and Love. Only then will we be a people. And only then will we belong to the only race that exists: the human race! Another thing, dear comrades and brothers, we have news to report which deeply saddened our hearts. We were told that a gang of terrorist criminals from the Governorate of the 78th Star of the SUM, ex Italy, taking advantage of our goodness and benevolence, fled two months ago from a Mental Rehabilitation Camp, where they were destined for Repentance and Rehabilitation. .

Well, these wicked and unscrupulous beings headed north, leaving behind a long trail of destruction and innocent blood. Three events deeply grieved us: the killing of the hero of the Global War, the valiant General of the Army of Peace John Burak Otama and his escort; the destruction, the massacre of many militiamen; the massacre in the Farm of Love in Skrunda (refers to an experimental Kalergian “farm” where hybridization experiments were practiced. Ed) and the horrific massacre of the crew of the GP105 patrol boat! These horrendous crimes – and here his voice became shrill and metallic – rabid dogs, they will pay dearly. The hand of universal law will strike and crush them, wherever they are! Then Tsirhc concluded his speech with the usual persuasive voice, thanking all the Governors of the world, the Security Forces and Humanity. Finally, the pragmatic greeting: – Peace, Love, Happiness and Brotherhood to the whole world. The speech of the head of the GoMo was followed by the praises of the highest institutions, in particular those of Reverend M’bongo, of the reformed Pope Francis John Paul and those of Reverend Moon V °, the greatest exponents of the Unified Universal Religion, were appreciated and underlined.

-Tsirhc does not like us!, He said laughing, Der.

  • He knew how angry we are with him …, Max replied.

Meanwhile, the patrol boat was sliding on the waters of the Baltic to the north. The goal was now near!

The promised land

The ship proceeded slowly towards the coast.

  • We are a hundred meters from the shore! larth said. From the bridge the ethno distinguished the pier. The ship maneuvered cautiously. Soviet and Ken leapt to the ground, tying the ropes to the iron pylons. A round of applause and dozens of “cheers!” they broke the unreal silence of the pier. There were no signs of life nearby. Once the walkway was set up, Der, Totila and Green cautiously approached the first houses with their weapons ready. – They are all half destroyed and burned … Green said.
  • There must have been a battle here … commented Totila. After the brief exploration they returned to the quay. Black Guelph and Halexandra brought the horses to the ground. They too seemed very happy to have something solid under their hooves. The Company, after filling backpacks and sacks with food and ammunition, headed towards the center of the town. They found a house still standing and gathered inside.
  • What do we do now? Patriot asked. Max took some papers and put them on a table.

-We are here, he said, indicating the port of Stroemsbruck with his index finger.

  • According to the information, this place was supposed to be the outpost of the Resistance, but I don’t think there is a soul. We will then continue north until we find someone. After consuming a short meal, the fugitives set off along the coastal road, all proceeding on foot, so as not to stress the horses too much. At nightfall they arrived in a village, located inland, after traveling about ten kilometers. Here, too, they found no traces of life. Just an intact house, where they would spend the night. The inside was all upside down, a sign that it had been plundered by renegades, strays, or whatever the hell of globalists.
  • We’re stopping here tonight. We will continue the search tomorrow morning …, said Der. After the dinner, exploration groups on horseback were organized. The first to leave at dawn would be Totila and Soviet. Their job was to explore the area west of the village for a 10km radius, which was the range of the two-way radios. During the night Totila heard a faint meow. He got out of bed and with a flashlight walked over to a closet. The noise came from inside. The door was wobbly. In one corner, a trembling, hungry kitten watched him.

-Come here, little one … he took it in his hands. “

  • Ah, but you are a kitten! Are you hungry huh? He put it on the sleeping bag and pulled a box of fish out of his backpack. He opened it and fed the kitten by giving her pieces of mackerel.
  • Well huh? Do you like? After the meal he took it and tucked it into his camouflage jacket. She woke Ken who was sleeping next to her to share the joy of discovery, but was sent the to the devil
  • Oh well baby, tomorrow morning I’ll introduce you to the Company …
    Totila and Soviet mounted their horses and listened to Max’s latest exhortations. -I recommend: call every half hour. Clear?! The two rebels replied in the affirmative. Pippina’s little head was sticking out of the jacket as she had called the kitten Totila, who with a faint “meow” seemed to greet the band of fugitives. They took the paved road that ran inland to the west. Dense woods lined the sides. A perforated sign announced the presence of a village 4 km to their right. –

The Capture

  • Let’s go take a look! Totila said. The road was unpaved, but good. The damp earth showed recent tire marks.
  • Someone was here recently … Maybe we are! … Soviet saying. Once in the village, the exploration did not give the desired results: four or five abandoned houses. No trace of life. A subtle anguish gripped them Soviet dismounted and explored some paths that led into the woods.
  • Totila! Come here! he shouted.
  • What happens? asked the companion.
  • These are boot sole prints …
  • Let’s check! The two advanced, following the racks. They came to a clearing. In front of them a wall and dense vegetation all around. – The tracks end here …
  • How is that possible, Soviet? his companion asked, looking around. Soviet took the transceiver and reported the discovery to “base”. Max ordered the two to go back. Totila and Soviet mounted their horses and walked backwards when they heard a voice on both sides of the path ordering them to stop. The metallic clicks of various weapons followed.

Totila and Soviet blocked the horses.

  • Now raise your hands and put them behind your neck! He ordered the voice. A dozen men in camouflage have emerged from the vegetation surrounding them. A woman led them and stopped in front of them. The two could not help but look at her: she was tall, she had long red-brown hair gathered in a braid that fell over her chest. She wore a tight-fitting camouflage that emphasized her beautiful forms of hers. Her face was determined and her steel-gray eyes stared at them, flashing with fire.
  • Now get off your horse, very slowly … The two obeyed. Behind them they heard footsteps. Strong hands roughly clasped their wrists with plastic handcuffs. Totila, who had a bruised wrist from an accident on the ship during the storm, cursed. In response, she received a shot in the back with the butt of a rifle. Behind her stood a female soldier.
  • Fuck yourself! What ways! protested the fugitive.
  • Käfta smutsigt bortfall! the girl answered.
  • What did he say, Soviet?
  • I think: dirty renegade …
  • Renegade ?! … She too was tall, blond hair tied in two braids. Slightly almond-shaped blue eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. She wore a tight camouflage, a flak jacket and a black cap. Totila, thinking of making the situation less dramatic, whistled in admiration and asked for her name. In response, she received a shot with the barrel of the machine gun in the face. She felt a warm trickle of blood come out of her mouth. She then she grabbed the kitten that had peeked out of Totila’s jacket and turned to the platoon she said:
  • This he wanted to eat! Damn militiaman!
  • Walk !. She ordered the red and brown-haired girl.
  • Let’s kill them here, these dogs! cried the blonde girl.
  • No! we take them to the base for questioning … Blindfold them! The two, pulled and threatened, were brought back to the clearing where the traces had disappeared. At a command sent with an infrared device, a rocky wall opened and the two were pushed along a corridor with the barrels of machine guns.

Eventually they emerged in a room with reinforced concrete walls. Here the red-brown haired girl approached a soldier who was missing a hand sitting at a desk and she chatted with him. The soldier picked up the phone and communicated with someone. The two prisoners were led into a room where there was a table and some chairs, always supervised by the two girls. Totila had a mouth full of blood. Their bandages have been removed. The redhead approached and with a paper handkerchief tried to dab the wound on her lip, while her other watched, annoyed.

-You are very kind, miss … Totila said looking at the blonde.

  • We are not beasts like you renegade globalists!
  • But we are not globalists! … the Soviet protested
  • We’ll see … Everyone says that once we catch you … They waited a few minutes. The door opened and an officer appeared with two college graduates. He sat up. One of the soldiers scanned the backs of their hands and the bodies of the two.
  • They have no microchips or nanochips, major! – If they are agents it is possible that they have silenced them … said the blond soldier.
  • Where did you get them, Lieutenant?
  • We caught them two kilometers from the base. They rode horses in the wood

The man looked at the two prisoners. their unkempt beards; his ragged camouflage uniforms; the emaciated and dirty faces. – Are you renegades? stray?!

  • Forsaken ?! No sir! We are ethnonationalist fighters … We escaped from CRM 17 for deviants … Totila replied.
  • Ethnonationalists? And where are you from?
  • From Northern Italy …

-Ah! ah! From northern Italy ?! the officer said sarcastically, making the two soldiers laugh too.

  • And how did you get to Sweden? with train?! on a boat?! airplane?!
  • On horseback, sir … replied Soviet.
  • On horseback?!
  • Yes, the red-haired soldier intervened. – When we caught them, they were on horseback …
  • You’re alone? asked the officer who was now serious.
  • No sir. There are ten other companions waiting for us in a village about ten kilometers from here …
  • So there are twelve of you?
  • Exactly, Lord … Totila answered.
  • And how did you get to Sweden by land from Finland or by sea ?!
  • We seized a MuMi patrol boat in the port of Labrags …
  • A patrol boat ?! And where is it now ?!
  • In the port of Stroemsbruk … The officer looked at them.
  • Lieutenant. Get the officers from Special Unit 17 here …
  • Yes, sir! the reddish-haired girl answered, drawing her attention.

-Lieutenant, what were these two gentlemen doing when he captured them?

  • Sir, they were patrolling the area with suspicion … replied the blonde girl.
  • What were you looking for? she asked the two prisoners again.
  • The Resistance, sir … said Soviet.
  • Yes, we were looking for you. We left over two months ago. We crossed Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries to reach you… Totila said.
  • Now we will check …, replied the officer who seemed to have changed his attitude towards them. He talked to another soldier.
  • Agnetha (the name of the blond soldier NdA) was looking at the scene with curiosity. A few minutes later the door opened. Totila heard some soldiers behind her who, led into the room by Frida (the name of the red-haired soldier), stopped and greeted the officer.
  • Gentlemen, she said, turning to the new arrivals who stopped behind the two prisoners.
  • These two people we captured claim to be deviated and come from northern Italy. Maybe some of you know them? … Please observe them … The three soldiers stood in front of Totila and Soviet, scrutinizing them. Then suddenly they broke the silence with shouts of joy.
  • Totila! Soviet! – Uqbar! Freik! Wolf! The three threw themselves, embracing them, on the two ethno. The emotion was very high. – What a joy to see you again! Wolf said looking at them.
  • But how did you get here ?! and … why are you handcuffed ?!
  • Thank you gentlemen! You will have the opportunity to talk and hang out with your mates afterwards! You can go now!
  • Yes Mister Major! Wolf said, winking at the two new friends.

The officer immediately ordered a soldier to remove the handcuffs from the two ethnonationalists. Then he approached moved and admired.

-I am Major Burglund and am honored to meet him. I make you my profound apologies for the treatment we have reserved for you, but in these cases, as you well understand, prudence is never too much! So saying, he warmly shook hands with them.

  • For over a month we have known from the press releases of the world radio and TV of your deeds. When we heard Tsirhc’s speech yesterday, we prayed for you and your salvation! You are here today! It is an immense joy for all of us! Frida and Agnetha looked at each other. They too had heard of this strange and mysterious Company that had caused so much trouble for the globalists. They smiled embarrassed at the two. Major Burglund ordered two officers to prepare two squads: one to take the rest of the Company under the command of Lieutenant Frida; the other to retrieve the patrol boat.
  • You Mr. Soviet will lead the lieutenant’s squad to the village where the rest of his comrades await you. In fact, call them immediately and notify them of his arrival. Your second lieutenant Agnetha will take care of comrade Totila. She will accompany him to the infirmary and then to her quarters! I see you have a bleeding mouth wound. Has he fallen? …
  • O no major, I came across a flower …
  • You are welcome?!
  • It was just a metaphor …
  • I understand … replied the officer, smiling, perplexed. Agnetha blushed, lowering her eyes. After greeting the major, the two left the interrogation room and headed for a gallery.
  • I’m sorry. I am mortified, the girl whispered. – I couldn’t imagine …
  • Don’t worry, Lieutenant. He only did his duty … The doctor applied two stitches and an ointment to the upper lip, checked the other wounds and the general condition
  • He’ll be fine in a couple of days. They went out.

Totila in love

-Now I’ll show you her quarters. Come on … They took an elevator that took them upstairs. Their eyes met; but not a word came out of their mouths. It was Totila who broke the awkward silence.

  • Will I see you again Lieutenant?
  • I don’t know … replied the amazed girl. – But if you like, I’ll come tonight to see how you are …
  • I can not wait!
  • Does your wound hurt?
  • The blow I took on the lips is nothing compared to the one I received in the heart … The girl blushed.

-Mr Totila, do you say these things to all the girls you meet?

  • No, only at … Agnetha turned her gaze towards the elevator door which providentially opened.

-This is your accommodation, Mr. Totila … said the girl opening the door.

  • Inside you will find everything you need. If you need anything please ask …
  • Thank you, Lieutenant …, the man replied.
  • Ah, I forgot one thing … Tonight I would be free. Would you like it if we had dinner together?
  • We’ll see… ”the girl said smiling.

-Tonight I come to see how he is … See you later …

-See you later … The ethno replied to the greeting and accompanied the girl with his eyes until she reached the elevator. Before she entered, Agnetha turned and waved to him. Totila entered the room assigned to him. On the bed some clean linen and a tracksuit. She took off her worn and dirty clothes. She looked in the mirror. Her face was lined with deep lines and scars. It was the first time in a long time that she had looked in the mirror. He was almost afraid of his image. She pulled back. She went to the bathroom and started filling the tub. She no longer remembered the last time she had managed to wash herself, letting herself be gently rocked by the water. She dived. She seemed to be reborn. You have compared this thought to a new baptism. She dried her body and hair and put on her clean, laundry-smelling underwear. She has shaved off her stubble.

Now the image of her reflected in her mirror seemed more familiar. He felt reassured. He threw himself on the bed, falling sound asleep.

The knuckle on the door woke him. Sleepy open. He was an officer with a civilian.

  • I’m sorry to bother you, sir. But we’re here for the uniform. We should take your measurements …
  • Uniform?

-Yes sir, for the dinner in honor of you …

  • I understand … And my companions have already arrived at the base?
  • They’re coming, sir. The civilian took the measurements and then left the room. Half an hour later another soldier brought packages. They were the clothes he had put in order on the bed. Totila went to observe them. It was the uniform: a gray shirt with a black tie; a black jacket with silver friezes and insignia; gray pants and black shoes. Finally, a black beret of assault units. She began to dress quickly. She couldn’t wait to look. Finally, she pulled her cap over her head and walked over to the mirror.

She definitely liked it. She adjusted her tie and jacket. The phone rang. It was Frida, who announced that his companions had arrived at the base and that they were now in the canteen for a snack. Totila left the accommodation and went to the elevator. During the journey she noticed that the soldiers who met him, to her surprise, snapped to attention. She thought it was due to the severity and decorations and three silver squares on the shoulder pads of the uniform she wore. And in this regard, it occurred to him to play a joke on his friends of hers. When he reached the door of the cafeteria, he assumed a determined bearing. She came in and shouted with all her voice:

“Beware!”. His companions jumped to their feet, amazed and worried by the officer’s vision. He took off his hat and gave the “rest”. They recognized him after a while. Beardless, clean and dressed, he looked like someone else. A chorus of “fuck you” overwhelmed him. Halexandra looked at him with admiration.

  • Where did you get the uniform? she asked.
  • Now they will give it to all of you, but first take a nice bath … ah! Ah! Ah! The joy in the Company was palpable. An immense joy now housed in their hearts. They had achieved their goal. After more than two months of escapes, dangers, traps, ambushes, they had finally reached their destination. An officer came in with two bottles of champagne that he had saved up for them. The glasses filled and Max invited them to toast to victory. Then they all went to their quarters. At 7pm, Frida and other female soldiers went to get the former fugitives. They have gone out.

Only Totila was still locked in his room. Jena knocked.

  • Aren’t you coming to dinner?
  • Um, I’m waiting for a person …
  • A person??!! Larth gave a small smile.
  • Okay, Max said. Join us in the refectory. Remember that dinner starts at 8 … Let’s not be recognized immediately. Understood?! … Totila nodded and went back into the room. She checked her watch nervously.

Agnetha should have been there by now. He approached her exit, determined to wait for her outside. When he opened the door he was faced with the girl who was about to knock. The man was speechless. Agnetha wore the gala uniform: a black jacket, gray shirt and skirt with black side bands; she wore black boots with a little heel. She had long blond hair gathered at the nape of her neck and on her head she wore a black beret from the assault units.

A light blue eyeshadow on the lids to match her eyes and her lips were colored with a light glossy lipstick. To Totila it seemed like a vision. He was speechless and enchanted.

  • Am I wrong or did we have an appointment, Captain?
  • Um… yes… they were the only words he managed to articulate.
  • Then we go…
  • Yes … They took the elevator. Agnetha said something to him, but he did not listen to her words, taken as he was by the girl. He only looked at her mouth, her hair and her eyes.
  • Commander, are you listening to me? Agnetha asked.
  • No, um … yes … The fact is that …
  • He’ll tell me later. We have arrived! The doors opened onto a large hall. A thousand soldiers and female soldiers crowded him seated at the tables. When they appeared they all stood up.
  • Hurray! for Commander Totila! shouted an officer. A thousand “hurrahs” boomed in the hall. The ethno blushed, waving to the onlookers.

Then, led, almost by the hand, by Agnetha, he crossed the room amid the admiring glances of the soldiers, until he reached the table where the Company was sitting with other officers.

  • He was late to get a ‘standing ovation’, he laughed Langbard.
  • No, no … I know because he’s late … Larth added, chuckling and nudging Green.
  • Don’t pay attention miss to these two … They love to make fun … Agnetha smiled, sitting down next to Totila. He walked over to her girlfriend, whispering to her:
  • Lieutenant, I was really hoping for a tête à tête, in short, a dinner by candlelight …
  • I’m sorry, Commander, but I’m afraid there aren’t any candlelit restaurants within hundreds of kilometers … Anyway if you might be interested, but don’t tell anyone, it’s a military secret, tomorrow evening there will be a party in your honor. I can’t tell you anything else. There will be a surprise …
  • Will she be there Agnetha? the man asked with trepidation.
  • I think so … After all, Frida and I have captured you

She said these words full of allusions, looking at him with a sweetness that hit him in the heart. He touched her hand. This did not escape the gang of Larth, Green and Langbard, who commented with amusement on the comrade’s love flights. After dinner, Max and Der told the audience the adventures of the company. All those present listened to the story in absolute silence. At the end a thunderous applause underlined the sense of deep admiration of the soldiers towards those men, who with their own strength, had crossed a continent to join them. Hundreds of soldiers and female soldiers surrounded them, eager to shake their hands. – Will I see you before the party tomorrow, Agnetha? Totila asked as he and the Company were escorted back to their quarters.

  • Tomorrow I will be on patrol … replied the girl, in a tone that betrayed disappointment.
  • On patrol ?!
  • There is war, Commander …
  • Yes, I know, but … it’s dangerous …
  • Sure, but someone needs to go there. Tomorrow is my turn
  • Can I come with you? The girl laughed.
  • I do not believe. You and your companions will have many meetings tomorrow. In addition to the commander of the base, senior officers of the Unified Resistance Command will come … “
  • So I won’t see her tomorrow? the ethno asked in a sad tone.
  • We’ll see you tomorrow night at the party, don’t you remember? … He answered, smiling the girl. Then they said goodbye, looking at each other intently.
  • Yes, we lost it. Larth said to Langbard, Jena and Green.
  • Yes, … Green confirmed.

The Briefing

The next day was spent in various meetings. The Company was heard by many Unified Command officers, including a Russian, a English and a German general.

The top secret news seized from the globalist general Otama proved to be of extraordinary strategic importance. General Karlsberg gave a report on what he learned from the top secret documentation.

  • For next spring, the globalists will unleash a final offensive against the forces of the Resistance. A “pincer” maneuver is awaited, which envisages the conquest of Scandinavia and then penetration into Northern Russia via Karelia. Phase two foresees an offensive from the south which will have the strategic objective of reuniting with the forces of the north, but not before having annihilated all forms of resistance in the central area of ​​Russia. Significant ground and air forces will be employed. The mobilization of 3 million militiamen and “contractors” supported by 20,000 armored vehicles and artillery is expected; on the sea there will be an impressive fleet of aircraft carriers that will support landings in northern Norway; from the airports of southern Sweden, Poland and Romania, hundreds of fighter-bombers will depart daily. Atomic bombings are planned, where necessary. We therefore have six / seven months ahead of us to study the countermeasures. In the meantime, the plans of the ‘POLIFEMO’ project will proceed according to the timetable. In January we will be ready …

Max asked the officer sitting next to him what the “POLIFEMO Project” was. The officer replied that it was an ultra-secret plan. Karlsberg officially thanked the men of the Company for the contribution they had made to the resistance’s struggle against the globalists. He then took the floor Max who told of the sad conditions in which the populations under the yoke of the GoMo found themselves. He was interrupted by a liaison officer.

  • Commander, Max. We’re working on this problem too. But now I can’t tell you more. The priority . today, is that of your use in the ‘Mother of all Battles’ …
  • We are ready to fight! – said Der.
  • We do not doubt it; – said the officer – but we have something very special in mind for you … General Goetz concluded the meeting.

“Now you and her men are free,” he said to Max. “But until tonight.” Don’t forget the party in your honor… The Fellowship left the hall and finally joined the comrades of the special units of Wolf and Uqbar. They both told their story.

  • Before the Global War, I don’t know if you remember, we left together with about forty traditionalists to Sweden, where a gathering of the European Identity Youth was held …
  • Of course we remember. We had to join you, but the outbreak of the conflict prevented us from leaving.
  • Exactly Der. There were about ten thousand of us, coming from all over the continent. The declaration of war caught us in the great Campus Identitario of Borlange. The subsequent takeover of the globalists and multiethnicians forced us to flee north. Part of the army had rebelled against progressive power. We, along with thousands of civilians, were welcomed into the army facilities and its immense civil protection sites. Here we were trained and armed. When the GoMo proclaimed its sovereignty over the former nations, we passed to the Resistance …
  • And you Uqbar? Max asked.
  • It’s the same story as Wolf … “
  • But why are you in these Special Units? Asked Der.
  • Before long, Wolf and I will be leaving on two missions. We’ll be parachuting him to the north and I to the south. We have the task of organizing the first resistance cores with our teams. Me near Caserta where the largest CRM for deviants is located. It will be fun … Totila noticed the insignia on the arm.

-Under the tricolor shield you bring that of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies … “

We are traditionalists! … After all, do you have it as an emblem? … “
“The Lion of St. Mark,” Der broke in, smiling.

  • I heard that they have big plans for you … “
  • That is, Uqbar?
  • Surely you will take an extreme skydiving course …
  • Para … what ?! – Larth intervened – I suffer from vertigo. We don’t even talk about it!
  • Larth, it’s just rumors. But we did it – he said pointing to the badge with the silver eagle.
  • Well-, Der cut short. – we are ready for anything! -. Wolf and Uqbar left the hall. Duty called them. They greeted the comrades warmly.
  • We need to go out on patrol.

The party

Halexandra and the comrades of the Company carefully prepared for the party in their honor. Totila especially. She wanted to impress Agnetha. The wound on her lip was nearly healed. She checked herself in the mirror. The thought of seeing the girl again brought him intense joy. At 18 you hear a knock on the door. It was Frida.

  • Can I come in?
  • Of course! Take a seat! he told her, pointing to the chair.
  • I’m here to talk to you about Agnetha …
  • Has something happened to her ?? !!
  • No, take it easy. And she has recently returned from patrolling and she is making herself beautiful for you …
  • Heaven be praised! So what is it about?
  • I love her very much. And I would not like her life to still reserve pain and disappointments for her …
  • I don’t understand … – Totila answered
  • Agnetha has suffered severe blows in recent years. When the war ended, in her city, multi-ethnic renegades and immigrants unleashed against the Swedes, especially those who were suspected of being hostile to the new world order. Agnetha’s father was killed before her eyes. Then they killed her mother and her brother. She suffered violence …
  • Filthy bastards … hissed the man, whose face was crossed by a quiver of rage.
  • That same night, Agnetha, locked in a room guarded by two guardians, broke the glass of the window and wrapped it around with piece of cloth from the sheet

She called in one of her jailers pretending to want … well, you understand. When the man entered, she cut his throat. She took the pistol from his belt and shot the other one. She fled in the middle of the night, while the city was in the throes of fires and looting. She wandered for three days in the woods, until we found her. She is exhausted, but alive. For months we have treated her and helped her out of the prostration into which she had fallen. This is what I wanted to tell you, Totila. I think she is in love with you. If your feelings are true, please …

  • Don’t tell me more, Frida. I love her and would do anything for her …
  • Thanks!” the steel-eyed soldier said, squeezing his hands.
  • Take care of it. She in battle she is a warrior without fear, but inside and fragile as a flower.
  • But now let’s go to the ceremony. Agnetha is there …
  • Ceremony? what ceremony, Frida?
  • It’s a surprise … Come! – She said taking him by the hand. Outside, the other members of the Company were waiting. The girl took the twelve ethno to the next level. A large hall welcomed them. There were ten officers inside. On a large oak table were twelve black velvet cushions with a casket on each.
  • Now, please line up on this wall – Frida told them, checking their alignment. An operator began filming, arousing the curiosity of the men and Halexandra. Totila saw Agnetha and waved her hand to her. She replied with a fleeting smile.

The commander of the base, after a quick greeting, began the speech.

  • On behalf of the Provisional Government and the Unified Armed Forces, for the extraordinary contribution of information and for the heroism shown by the men of the Company, they are proud to bestow upon them the highest honor. She walked over to Max and after opening the box, she wrapped the legendary Ritter Kreuz around his neck with the black-white-red ribbon. – Congratulations, Colonel Max! Then it was the turn of Der and the others. Last was Totila. As the general hung the decoration around his neck, Agnetha’s eyes sparkled with pride and admiration.
  • And now, Gentlemen, let the Feast begin! Said the general. The ranks disbanded and everyone enters a large hall. On the sides, large tables soberly laid. On the opposite side an orchestra. Those present served canapés while some soldiers poured champagne into their glasses. A toast to victory followed. The general approached Max and Der and confidentially told them that the next day they might know their next destination. – But now have fun! Added the general. Totila ran to Agnetha. They toasted together.

The orchestra began to play. The first to jump into the dance was Halexandra, invited by a handsome officer of the assault units, followed by Frida with Max. Then all the others.

  • May I have the honor of this ball, Lieutenant? Totila asked Agnetha.
  • Wait a minute … I have to check my “carnet” … Yes, I can give you the first dance … -She replied smiling.
  • The next ones too. As your superior I order it to you, Lieutenant … Please mark my name until the end of the party! – Said the ethno looking into her eyes. When the music ended, the two continued to dance.
  • they no longer hear the musical notes… Langbard said.
  • They hear only violins and bells … – Green replied. They continued to dance until Agnetha was invited by the base commander. Totila walked over to the table to get a glass of champagne. They found themselves embraced again in a dance.

Ethno held her close. She felt her body quiver against hers. She pulled away from her cheek and found his face and her lips in front of him. They looked at each other in silence. The girl’s gaze, however, seemed to be covered by a veil of sadness.

  • Agnetha, I …
  • No! please…”

She broke free from her embrace and ran out of the room. Totila was paralyzed among the dancers. Halexandra who was close to him asked him sharply:

  • What did you do to her ?!
  • Nothing … I … Frida, who had followed the scene, helped him.
  • Do not worry … Someone told her that you will soon be leaving … She is gripped by a fit of despair. It goes’. You will find it on the banks of the pond! On leaving, follow the path on the left… Please join it! Totila rushed along the corridors towards the exit. He asked a soldier if he had seen the girl come out. The answer was yes. As soon as he was outside, he followed Frida’s directions. A pale moon illuminated his footsteps. On a rock he saw Agnetha’s silhouette silhouetted against the silver waters. He ran towards her.
  • Agnetha, what have I done to you? – He asked her. The girl turned. Warm tears streamed down her face.
  • Nothing my beloved … Totila grabbed her and held her in her arms. He reached for her lips and kissed her. They stood in silence close to each other.
  • Tell me what is it, my love …
  • In a few days you will leave … We will not see each other again and sad thoughts cross my mind. I’m afraid … I’m tired of suffering. I have not got anyone. I just found you and soon I could lose you …
  • Don’t say that, my love. I will always be with you….
  • Tot, I knew I would meet you …
  • Did you know that? And how did you know?
  • A couple of months ago, I had a terrible dream. I dreamed that my companions and I were locked in a cave. We were fighting against some horrible monsters. But no matter how many we killed, they rose again and became more and more numerous. We were desperate. When suddenly a pack of wolves emerged from the woods. They rushed at the monsters, tearing them apart and sending them to flight, terrified. We then left the cave. I wanted to get close to them, but before I could, they turned into eagles and flew west. My heart squeezed. I woke up happy but also full of anguish … Now I understand the meaning of that dream. The wolves that then turn into eagles were you and your companions …
  • Agnetha-, the man reassured her. -It’s just a dream…
  • Yes, but you will be leaving soon. You will go with your comrades …
  • I will return, my soul. I promise you! But now let’s go back. It’s starting to get cold … Totila wrapped her around her waist and they went back to the base embraced.

September 20

The following morning the group was summoned to the Meeting Room. A large semicircular classroom. In the long corridor they met the teams of Wolf and Uqbar.

  • When they summon us here, there’s stuff that’s boiling in the pot … – Wolf said with a wink.

A speaker invited the military to sit down. Everyone took their places in the pews. Together with them there were other teams: French, English Spanish, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, German etc. All recognizable by the badges with the national crests on the sleeve. Officers entered and the meeting began. A colonel presented the program. The Company, the following day, would have started a parachuting course, as it was destined for a special operation. The ethno looked at each other. Larth said worriedly:

  • I have said it over and over again: I suffer from vertigo … I will ask for a transfer to sedentary services. After another hour of instructions, the officer said to the men:
  • Now you are free! Totila, while the others were entertaining themselves with Wolf and Uqbar, slipped away and headed for Agnetha and Frida’s quarters. She knocked on her door, but no one answered.
  • There aren’t, said a sergeant. – Two hours ago there was an alarm. On the coast hostile elements have landed. Probably irregular militiamen: strays or hybrids. The Assault Battalion was sent in a hurry to solve the problem. The ethno retraced his steps, dejected and troubled.

After a few days, during which Totila and Agnetha had seen very little, a large helicopter came to pick up the Company. They were all taken about a hundred kilometers further north to a base near an airport. A paratrooper officer greeted them warmly.

  • Welcome, gentlemen. I have had the task of the Command to train you and prepare you for the mission that awaits you. Know that I will not spare you. I only ask for your active cooperation. . We only have three monthse. Tomorrow intensive course will begin. Thanks!

The days and weeks that followed were exhausting: gymnasium, marches, training in hand-to-hand combat, defense, attack, use of explosives, shooting with all kinds of firearms; they learned the use of sidearms, to kill in silence, to disguise themselves in the environment, to survive in extreme situations . After a week of rehearsals from the tower, the big moment. The first launch. The emotion was very strong. Thanks to Colonel Harmstadt’s preparation, everything went smoothly. The success made the Company proud, which in the following days threw itself into the void with ever greater security and preparation. The night launches were also excellent. A lucky star seemed to assist them, even when Jena and Larth fell due to the wind in a wood, getting entangled in the branches. They managed only with a few bruises and a swollen ankle.

The first of November they launched in prohibitive conditions, under the snow and with temperatures that reached -20. In mid-December the course ended. Visibly satisfied, Colonel Harmstadt hung the coveted badge of the Russian spetsnaz on their uniforms: a black bat on a red background. At Christmas, the Company received the coveted license and returned to the base. Totila was no longer in the skin. The thought of seeing his beloved again made him more and more impatient and euphoric.

But when she was at the base, a bitter surprise awaited him. The assault battalion to which Frida and Agnetha belonged, along with others, had been sent in line to contain the pressure of the globalists, which was increasing day by day. He could only see her for a few moments on Christmas Day. The meeting was intense and heartbreaking. Even tough guys like Larth and Green were moved by the sight of the comrade so sad about the departure of their beloved. They tried to console him, while Frida did the same thing with Agnetha. even the kitten Pippi seemed to be affected by the sadness of her owners. Max assured Agnetha before leaving.

  • Do not worry. We’ll take care of your Totila. We will be his guardian angels. Even if he doesn’t need it. Agnetha thanked him with a sad smile. On December 28, suddenly, the Company left for an unknown destination.

By plane

The flight lasted about two hours. The landing was adventurous. The area they were flying over was hit by a snow storm. It took several passes on the runway before landing. When the ethno appeared on the ladder an icy wind hit them.

  • Fuck! … Where are we ?! To the North Pole? – Jena asked pulling up the fur collar of her jacket and treading the black ushanka up to her eyes. The others did not answer, intent as they were to cover their faces with scarves and heads with hats. A snow tracked vehicle approached the plane, letting them get on board.
  • Welcome to Kamenka! – said the officer.

“I suppose we’re a long way north,” asked the cold Guelph.

  • Yes sir. We are east of Arkhangel’sk … Outside we are at -35 … After about ten minutes the vehicle entered a large illuminated tunnel. The officer led them upstairs to the threshold of a large room. Inside there were about a hundred soldiers. All with the insignia of the commando.The bat.
  • These are your places – a handsome girl Russian soldier told them. The ethno sat down. In front of each of them, on a table they found twelve yellow folders sealed with their names.
  • Um … here we are … – Guelph said to Halexandra.
  • Yes … While everyone was commenting, a door opened. A dozen senior officers entered the room and sat down in front of the audience of soldiers who in the meantime had snapped to attention.
  • You’re welcome, gentlemen. Take a seat … – said one of these. – General Orlov will now inform you why you have been summoned here. He then passed the word to the General … The man, still young, was known in the forces of the Resistance, as one of the most brilliant strategists of the former
    Russian Army. A Hero, who had covered himself in glory, inflicting a resounding defeat on the 2nd Army of the MuMi on the Moscow front, before the Great Retreat.
  • Gentlemen, welcome to Base 21. You have all been chosen for your capabilities of strength, courage and intelligence. You will be entrusted with a mission which, if it succeeds, and I am sure it will succeed, will change the fate of the planet and those of humanity. The fate of all of us and of our world rests on your shoulders. Code name of the mission: “Minotaur”; but it is subordinated to another operation that bears the code name of: “Polyphemus”. Another myth. The giant blinded by Ulysses. Only in this way was the Odysseus able to escape annihilation together with his companions. Well, the king of Ithaca and his men are today the metaphor of our struggle. We fight the globalist giant to survive; to ensure that our history, our roots and our civilization survive. Well gentlemen, we will ‘blind’ the Giant! But let’s go in order. You all know that the strength of Go.Mo is based on the integrated control of humanity through subcutaneous and body microchips and nanochips, on satellite monitoring, communications etc. Well, this mass of information is conveyed, sorted, filtered by a supercomputer: ‘THE BIG EYE’. The entire information system of intelligence, security and therefore defense of the Go.Mo depends on it. Now imagine if this supercomputer was sabotaged what would happen. The defense-communication system would collapse. Of course, not indefinitely, but for three to four days. Sufficient for those who want it, to give a fatal blow to the Go.Mo and Tsirhc.

This is why the globalists protect ‘The Big Eye’ by surrounding it with a blanket of mystery. Until recently, we knew very little about this supercomputer. They had only uncertain and fragmentary news. We thought it was in the ex-USA. Today we know EVERYTHING about him! ” A large screen lit up behind the general. On it appeared the world map with red and one yellow circles.

-The yellow circle indicates the location where The Big Eye is hidden: India! An officer at a nod from Orlov zoomed in on the yellow circle.

-It is a mountainous area in northern India. A super-secret base in the bowels of the mountain. The best bio-engineers and computer engineers in the world work inside. Super-selected people … But, even in the best mechanism, the unexpected can always be hidden. In this case “Zeta”. ‘Zeta’ is our man. He was and is part of a network of our collaborators at the end of the Great Global War, entered, let’s say, in sleep. Only the head of the FSB, the deputy and the President of the Russian Federation were aware of his existence. ‘Zeta’, after the war joined the GoMo, He entered some bioengineering research laboratories. He is an expert in artificial intelligence. A matter that seems to interest the globalists a lot … A year ago, after a psycho-course he was admitted to the Big Eye project and a month ago he started working on the secret site. Two days ago he sent this to us. He held up a crystal container and smiling he said:

  • here inside, in this micro-memory, we have all the information on the GoMo security system! In moments or perhaps in days, ‘Zeta’ will sabotage ‘The Big Eye’. As soon as it is out of use, each of the teams will fly towards these twelve circles indicated on the geographical map of the ex-USA, now 1st Star of the United States of the World. Your destination, ”he said to the Raiding Squads, you will find it in your sealed folders. Inside you will find the so-called “Viper Nests” facility where Tsirhc and his collaborators gather. They always decide where to move from time to time, so we, when the operation starts, do not know where they will be. Only one team, among the twelve present here, will have the honor of being able to crush the Serpent’s Head. The others will simply sabotage the shelters. Now I give the floor to Colonel Miliushin who will explain how to enter the bases and how to move. Thank you and good luck, gentlemen. ” The colonel sent the scheme of the “viper nests” to the light panel.
  • Here, comrades, as you can see, this is the plant of a ‘nest’. It is dug out of the rock and consists of four levels: the first contains the mini atomic power plant which supplies energy to the entire base; in the 2nd level there are the warehouses, the kitchens, the troop canteen etc; the 3rd level is the beating heart of the base: there are the control and communication rooms and the Tsirhc offices; at the 4th level there are the quarters of the Presidential Guard and those of the members of the government and of the presidential and governmental staff. There are three ways to enter: 1) ventilation ducts 2) emergency exits 3) main entrance. I do not recommend the former. The large grids that protect the ventilation blades prevent any passage: the emergency exits are closed from the inside. These are steel doors that are one meter thick, therefore non-violable. The main entrance remains: here it is on the panel. The colonel said pointing at her with a wand.
  • It is obviously heavily controlled. Everyone who enters is controlled. But, there is a possibility. This: from 16 in the afternoon, twice a week, a long line of trucks arrives at the base, transporting food to the depots. In general, the control is summary: if you managed to enter one of these vehicles, you would arrive directly inside the warehouse. Once here, you should beware of the cameras, the arrangement of which you will find in the sealed folder. On the east wall of the warehouse there is a terminal for accessing the security system. The militiamen use it when they entry guard and when they finish. To penetrate the memory you will need the alphanumeric access code which changes every day. You will put a micro camera on the top wall and you will get the code. You will clone a card that will serve as a pass to open all the doors. But you will need it for something very important. Please pay close attention. Internal security is entrusted to infrared cameras and an identification system that interacts with the subcutaneous microchips. If you took a few steps, you would be identified and the alarm would immediately go off. You will therefore have to resort to a trick: once you have the code, you will enter the archive and download the recording of the previous night or two or three previous nights. So you will put it online instead of the “live” one. Security officers won’t see you, they will see only pictures of a quiet night. Gentlemen, you will find the details in your files. Thank you and best of luck.

The officer collected the papers and together with the others left the room. A soldier took the microphone.

  • Teams are awaited in the equipment warehouse. Please get ready in the corridor. Thanks!

The ethno collected their sealed envelopes and put them in their personal folder. Nobody commented on what they had just been told. In the warehouse, an officer handed them the complete kit for the mission, which ranged from “chameleon” camouflage suits which had the property of changing hue and color according to the surrounding environment and which retained body heat in such a way as to escape detection; infrared viewers, binoculars with rangefinder; to satellite navigators, and to high explosive microcharges. Halexandra, who had taken an emergency medicine course, got a first aid kit. All were equipped with a short AK-09 equipped with a silencer and high-explosive grenade launcher. They were supplied with concentrated food and amphetamine tablets, as well as a cyanide capsule to use in case of capture. Guelph and Patriot refused to accept them. Their deep faith rejected the idea of ​​suicide. The ethno put everything in their backpacks and went to their dormitory where they discussed the operation until late.

Larth, skeptical as ever, thought it was simply a suicide mission. Ken, on the other hand, was from the party of the optimists, along with Der, Max, Totila and Jena.

  • Do not forget the “prophecy” he retorted to the comrades who supported Larth.
  • Prophecies … These are things that leave the time they find …, replied the ethno snorting.
  • So far they have come true! Der cut short. – Larth, we will succeed in the task they have entrusted to us. We must succeed! And now enough of useless chatter. Focus on the mission! The emotion that the operation aroused in their souls prevented them from sleeping. They felt an enormous responsibility on their shoulders. And this, despite Larth’s doubts, increased the determination in their hearts to act. The next day they spent studying the papers and the structure of the GoMo’s secret base that they were supposed to violate. The target was the Viper’s Nest12, on Mount Mitchell, North Carolina. Appalachian Mountains. 500 km away from the sea.

“The return will be long,” Langbard said.

  • We will hitchhike to the coast. – He answered laughing Halexandra. The excitement was such that every slightest noise made them jump. Their eyes ran continuously to the light above the door. The tension remained very high all morning and the waiting was exhausting. The afternoon was drawing to a close when an intermittent sound followed by the flashing red light rang through the dormitory.
  • Get a move on slackers We have a quarter of an hour of time. Please, don’t forget anything… Clear ?! Max yelled. On time, the Company found themselves in the corridor flanked and followed by other teams.


An officer addressed them triumphantly:

  • the Giant is blinded! ” and he led them through a huge freight elevator into a gigantic hangar. Operation Minotaur had officially begun.

Inside 12 Tupolev-22 Backfire in a diagonal row were waiting for the teams. The Company would have been the last to go up. At ten-minute intervals, the large strategic bombers came out of the great shelter and began their run on the icy runway. Finally it was the turn of the Company. After putting on the parachutes, through a ladder they entered the bomb bay modified for the need. They settled into padded seats. They heard the engines spinning at full throttle. The plane went out on the runway and took off to the west. During the flight, the commander of the plane got off the plane’s bridge.

  • I have some good news to give you. Communications in the enemy camp are in total chaos. Confusion reigns supreme. The Polyphemus operation has achieved its initial objectives. Now the rest is up to you. I think it will be good for your morale to know that the GoMo’s Great Atlantic Fleet made up of 10 attack aircraft carriers, en route to the former England to support landings on the Scandinavian Peninsula, was sunk an hour ago by missile missiles. Sunburn SS40. They noticed it when they were on him. But now we come to us. In two hours we will be on target. We are flying at 900 km / h at an altitude of 8,000 meters. We will descend to 3,500 meters when we are above the launch point we will descend at a speed of 350 km / h. 10 minutes earlier you will be warned by the orange light. When the green light flashes, you will launch three at a time from the bomb bay. I wish you good luck, gentlemen … -He shook hands with the raiders and went back to the cockpit. Max checked his watch.
  • Two more hours!

On the Target

The orange light warned that the point of arrival was near. The men check the equipment and that the parachutes were in place. The green light started flashing and the large rear door opened. An icy wind enveloped them. Three at a time they threw themselves into the darkness towards their fate.

The Fellowship presents land in a large snow-covered cornfield. The ethno picked up the parachutes and buried them. The launch had been perfect. Max did the geo point with his satellite tracker. They were about fifteen miles from Mount Mitchell.

  • Marching! order Max. In single file, the group began the journey that would lead them to Viper’s Nest 12. Max checked his watch, with the new time zone. – It’s 5pm. We have three hours … At 8pm they came to a path leading to the Forbidden Zone.

Walking in the darkness, at the edge of a wood they found themselves in front of a barbed wire fence
“This is part of the first safety ring,” Der said. The ethno people walked along it up to the vicinity of the road that led to the Nido. There was a roadblock. They hid behind some trees and watched the movement of vehicles. Some of these lined up waiting to enter. It was the day of the supplies. Max and Der noticed that the checks were summary. Drivers were asked listlessly for only the documents. They were evidently habitual and well-known drivers. After all, they only carried food. At that moment three refrigerated trucks arrived and lined up.

  • We must enter one of those! … Come on! – said Patriot.
  • Our pass! ” Guelfo added.

The commando glided silently down a snowy slope to the vicinity of the last vehicle. Larth opened the hatch, then gestured for the comrades to enter. Hanging on the walls, quarters of beef. They hugged and waited for the truck to move. After about ten minutes, the vehicle set off. They heard the driver joking with the militiamen at the checkpoint. It was done. The first obstacle had been overcome! Der opened the tailgate slightly and saw that they were driving down a long, lighted tunnel. Then, the vehicle turned right and entered another tunnel. An arrow points to the food warehouse.

A large shutter opens and the vehicles go inside, parking near a wall. Der saw that some men with trolleys were busy unloading crates of food, placing them in huge steel racks fixed to the rock face. Soon they would come to carry the meat to the fridge.

  • We have to get out now! At a nod from him, Halexandra and the men of the Company sneaked out crawling under heavy trucks and hiding behind a shelving full of sacks of grain.
  • If this is the food warehouse, there will be a pantry; if there is a pantry there will be a kitchen, so we are in the right place … – said Green.
  • Are you famous by any chance? Halexandra asked her.
  • Witty … -, the ethno replied to the girl with a tight smile. The raiders, tucked away between the rocky wall covered by the sacks, waited for the porterage operations to be concluded. Then, protected by the huge shelves full of all the good things they approached, paying attention to the cameras on the walls, towards the Terminal. A camera was right above. Max and Der calculated that there were about twenty cm of “dead angle”. With great care, crawling against the wall and using the arm, it would have been possible to place the micro-camera above the alphanumeric picture. Jena was commissioned. Age, with a leap, went up to the wall, crushing itself as much as possible against it. She took the micro camera and reaching out to her arm set it on top. The device, very thin adhered to the metal wall.

She waved her thumb and retraced her steps. Der turned on his PDA. The terminal picture appears on the screen.

  • Great! Now we’re waiting for someone from security to activate it… They didn’t have to wait long. It was now time for the warehouse and kitchens to close. The attendants left the premises and headed for the exit. Then it was the turn of the MuMi militiamen. Last was an officer who approached the terminal. He introduced his card and dialed the alphanumeric number of the pass. The scene appeared on the screen of Jena’s handheld.
  • Here we are! – He said triumphantly. They waited for the officer to leave. The warehouse fell into the dim light of violet lights. “Now we’re alone!” Said Der.

Jena typed the numbers and letters of the passcode into her computer. The Control and Security System page appears on the screen. She searched for the archive and dumped the nightly recording from the previous day into memory.

  • This is done! – She said to the companions crowded around him. –
  • Now I have to pour it into the safety circuits by matching the times …

“It’s three minutes to 1,” Der said.

  • Perfect at one o’clock the recording will start! “

Der counted down. – Five-four-three-two-one … – Jena clicked on “enter”. From that moment in the Mumi control room, not the live images appeared, but those of the previous night.

  • Now we could also organize a dance party, in the monitoring center they would not notice! Said Jena triumphantly. She then she cloned the Mumi officer’s card, handing it to Larth.
  • Now we can enter the kitchens! The ethno introduced the card into the slot and the armored door opened.
  • The ‘Open Sesame’ operation was successful! – She said laughing. The Company entered the kitchens.
  • On the left there should be the entrance to the elevator … – said Guelfo.

The torches cut through the semi-darkness.

“There she is!” Said Halexandra.

  • Good! – Max said. – But now we have to think about tomorrow morning. The program of the Head of Go.Mo is this: at 7 the kitchens will reopen; at 7.30, Tsirhc’s collaborators and secretary will enter the offices; at 8.00 the waiters will come up from the kitchens to prepare the ‘breakfast’ in the meeting room; at 8.30 Tsirhc will arrive accompanied by the Government Commissioners. After breakfast, the Council will start at 9.00. At that time we will have to go out and complete the operation. But since at 7.00 the surveillance cameras will resume broadcasting “live”, it will be necessary that at 9 o’clock there is a black-out in the surveillance circuit. So as we go up to the meeting room, you – and he pointed to Soviet, Larth and Ken – will go down to the lower level and place timed microcharges on the transmission wire. The blue cable. Agree? The three replied in the affirmative.
  • As soon as you’re done, you’ll join us at level “3,” Max said, patting Larth on the shoulder.
  • Let’s go and come back!

Max and the other nine ethno took the elevator up to the 2nd level. The door opened onto a large, elegantly furnished room. It was the antechamber of the Council Chamber. there were three desks with as many computers.

  • These are the desks of Tsirhc’s secretaries … Max said.

On the floor rich oriental carpets and on the walls tapestries and paintings of the Venetian, Tuscan and Flemish school. – He treats his friend well … Guelph comment by observing the paintings.

  • Look! ‘La Primavera’ by Botticelli … said Jena.
  • Yes, it was a tribute from Finis to the President of the World Government. Ken commented.
  • It is believed that hundreds of masterpieces have been sent to the Chief of Chiefs as a tribute by his European valets …
  • Well now let’s deal with the situation … – Max said. The commando explored the environment. They also checked the bathrooms, enriched with mosaics, precious marbles and gold taps.

Shortly after the elevator opened. They were the three “saboteurs” returned from the “blue cable” operation.

“All right!” Larth said. -At 9 o’clock there will be a black out …

  • Perfect! – Max said. – But now we have to find a place to hide

“In the bathrooms?” Suggested Jena.

-Naaa …. It’s undignified … Totila said smiling. Der looked at the walls. They were occupied by large solid oak cabinets. He opened one of the doors. It was full of containers of documents. She opened others until the last wardrobe, near the entrance door, was found empty. – Quick, come here! She showed the comrades the inside of the cabinet.

  • We can get in here. Maybe we are tight, but it is the only place … The others also agreed. Max went over the final details with his companions.
  • So. Tsirhc and his acolytes will close in the Council Hall at 9 o’clock. The three secretaries will be at the desks. There will probably be two bodyguards at the door. Two more at the entrance to the Council Chamber, while another two I don’t know what the fuck they will do and where they will be. In any case Larth and Soviet will deal with those who will be in front of the Council Hall; Halexandra and Der to those at the entrance Totila and Ken to those on the sofa or standing; Jena, Guelfo and Patriot will take care of the secretaries; Der and I will be in reserve … Okay? as long as Tsirhc is here and not in another Nest… In that case we blow everything up and leave.
  • Agree! – was the reply of the companions.
  • Good. It is now three in the morning. In three hours we will enter the hiding place … Der made a small hole in the wood of the door and introduced an optical viewer that he inserted into the palmtop. He locked himself in and looked at his companions. The view was perfect. At 6 they settled in the closet.


At about 7 in the morning, Der saw the door opening into the anteroom. Three women entered. One color and two hybrids. They sat down at their respective desks. What appeared to be the personal secretary picked up the phone and communicated with the kitchens giving some instructions.

“Breakfast, she said,” is to be served at 8 o’clock. Then he opened the large oak door. Der saw a large table with a dozen upholstered leather chairs. The waiters got off the elevator and brought a trolley with a large tablecloth, silver cutlery, plates and glasses. Another wagon was loaded with flower arrangements. The attendants quickly set the table and, after arranging the flowers, resumed the elevator. Shortly thereafter, three black men, two mestizos and one white, entered and checked the room. Then they went out and waited in the anteroom in front of the door. Der showed the others his thumb: Tsirhc would be their job.

At a quarter to eight, Der saw a dozen men enter. In between was Tsirhc! Everyone went into the hall, sitting down. Tsirhc was at the head of the table. Immediately afterwards, trolleys with food warmers began to come out of the elevator: the breakfast of the chief and his acolytes. The heavy oak door closed. Only the six bodyguards and secretaries remained in the anteroom. Max motioned for him to get ready. At 9, ethnic groups rushed into the hall. Dozens of silenced rounds fired from automatic rifles. The six bodyguards fell without having time to realize what was happening. Not even the secretaries had time to open their mouths. Der and Soviet have dealt the final blow to everyone. Then they took the heavy sofa and placed it against the front door. Max then pointed to the large oak door. The men looked at her. It was the last diaphragm between them and the Enemy. Jena took the access card from the secretary’s neck. At a signal from Max, she introduced her. The heavy door opened. The Fellowship rushed in, ordering those present to stand up and put their hands behind their necks. Larth and Jena disconnected the internal telephone cables. Tsirhc and his collaborators watched these strangers in amazement and consternation, materializing from nowhere, with the chameleon uniform and the Iron Cross gleaming around his neck. The surprise was total. After recovering, Tsirhc, in a persuasive voice, turned to the ethno:

  • So you made it to me. You have been extraordinary, valiant … Honor to you, my children. Then pointing them to his Commissioners, as if he wanted to introduce them, he said:
  • These are the valiant members of what we have called the gang of rabid dogs, who have caused us so much anguish and pain … We may have valiant fighters like you by our side!

Then, returning to the company, he continued:

  • But you hate us and I know you came to assassinate us. You can kill us, but the idea of ​​Brotherhood, Love, Peace, no. You can never kill him. Think about it, my dear children. The gaze of the GoMo leader had become bright and a subtle force, like the thread that the spider weaves, enveloped the ethno who listened to him in silence, hypnotized.
  • You, my dear children, have been deceived by Absolute Evil … If you, my dear children, will pass with Us, you will be given everything you have always desired: glory, sex, power, money. At that moment Halexandra, who had stood behind the Chief, avoiding the magnetic force of her eyes, leapt like a panther towards the man. She jumped on him and hit him in the neck. Tsirhc looked at her in terror and surprise. She just hissed:
  • Damn you! . Then, trying to keep the blood from flowing, he put his hands to his throat and fell to his knees. At that scene, the ethno seemed to wake up and began unloading silenced machine guns on the president’s friends. Jena, he filmed the scene with a digital video camera. Der, Ken, Larth, Totila, Green, Halexandra and Langbard all delivered the coup de grace. Max and Patriot took the briefcase Tsirhc was holding and which contained the codes for the atomic attack. They took from the arm of the Commissioner of Defense and of the Interior also another folder that contained a PC with the most jealously guarded military and political secrets. Jena examined Tsirhc’s iris and fingertips to make sure it wasn’t a double. Finally Der, with his katana, removed Tsirhc’s head and placed it on the large table.

-Now, son of Satan, you are really dead … she hissed at him. When he was done, Max set explosive trap on the front door that would explode when someone opened it. Larth, meanwhile, had called the freight elevator. When he got to the level, the ethno walked in and hit the kitchen button. At that same moment at the door of the hall they heard knocking and screaming. Evidently the blackout, the silence of the secretaries and in the Oval Hall of the Council had aroused suspicion. At the level of the kitchens they went out as if nothing had happened. The cooks and attendants looked at the newcomers with curious eyes. Then a very strong explosion shook the environment. The bomb placed by Max had exploded. The Company left the kitchens and ran towards the warehouse. There were trucks. Max got into the driver’s seat of one of them, while the ethno jumped into the rear body. The ethno chief gave full throttle and took the tunnel that had led him to the exit. As the vehicle traveled through the tunnel, alarm sirens began to sound and red lights flashing. The armored door at the opening of the shelter was moving to close, and some men barricaded themselves behind sandbags to prevent unauthorized exit. Der and Ken took up the two shotguns and in quick succession struck the armored door. One two, four five cartridges exploded one behind the other killing the guards and blocking the steel door. The Company gained the parking of the vehicles. Outside it was chaos. The militiamen trying to push back the trucks noticed the ethno who are heading towards the heliport. Several aircraft placed on the ground. They chose the blue one. The presidential helicopter Patriot and Black Guelph rushed towards the aircraft and forced the pilot, behind the threat of weapons to take to the air. The raiders climbed upstairs. The pilot put the back of his hand into a scanner and typed in the identification code.The aircraft took off and Soviet with his Tokarev aimed to the head , order the pilot to head east. Then he took the controls. The pilot, a hybrid, was accompanied by Der to the tailgate. – We don’t need you anymore. Have a good trip! He said he throwing him into the void.

Towards the Atlantic

Meanwhile, Jena after entering the data collected on Tsirhc’s body and downloading the video files sent the contents (together with the password “Winterstorm”) to the Resistance Command in Turku in Finland, with the request for confirmation. A few seconds later confirmation came through the code words “Die Rosen werden geblauht!” Well done! Now beyond any reasonable doubt there was official confirmation that what they had eliminated was not a double. It was Tsirhc!

A “Hurray!” he got off the helicopter which was now flying a few meters from the ground to the east. Three hundred and fifty kilometers away was the meeting place of the Special Squads. Three Russian nuclear submarines were out awaiting their return. The trip to the coast took three hours. The helicopter flying a few meters above the ground avoided any radar detection. She landed near Cape Lookout coastal town in Virginia. During the night the ethno came into contact with the submarine “Moskva”. They got hold of a fishing boat and set off out to sea for the rendezvous. At two o’clock in the night the gigantic bulk of the “Moskva” appeared in front of them. Two rafts picked them up. On board they received the honors of Commander Akrumov and a picket of honor.

As soon as news of Tsirhc’s death reached the Resistance Command in Turku, along with footage of the deaths of the President of the World Republic and his acolytes, rebel radios and televisions broke the news with the greatest resonance. Leaflets with a photo of Tsirhc dead and photos that exalted the daring undertaking of the Company of the Iron Cross were launched on the multi-ethnic lines. The news created dismay and terror in the enemy ranks. Although the globalist officers tried to reassure the troops, the lack of communications and orders caused disruption and chaos. Some large units subjected to attacks were put to flight by weak rebel forces. Terror was creeping and spreading in the globalist army. The command’s order was to lead the Company to command, with absolute precedence, safe and sound. The other submarines would have had to wait, offshore, for the return of the other teams. The Moskva set sail, north-east route, at maximum speed. The submarine would have sailed on the surface. As the Commander explained to the ethno, there were no more dangers at sea. The globalist Atlantic Fleet had been wiped out off Scandinavia and in two other battles, thanks to Sunburn S40 missiles.

  • The globalist government, – Commander Akrumov said ironically, – can only count on a few fishing boats.

It was January 30th

While sailing, Max received a personal congratulatory message from President Vutin. The ethnos were eagerly awaited at the Turku base. On the morning of February 3, the Moskva docked at the quay of the Finnish city. The Company was greeted by an honor guard and by the Minister of War Gustavsson. Then in the presidential helicopter she was taken to headquarters. Here President Vutin, with the highest political and military positions, gave them the Cross of the Order of St. George and St. Andrew. Televisions and cameramen immortalized the scene. In the afternoon they attended a meeting of the Unified Staff of the European Liberation Army. Here they learned that the other Squads had also been recovered and they too had managed to penetrate the Viper Nests, destroying them. Unfortunately, there have been losses. Now they were on their way to Finland. They also learned that the front had been broken through in several parts. Stockholm, and the news filled Totila with joy, had been liberated and the globalists were fleeing south. On the Russian front, things were even better. The rebel armies, with the help of the partisan formations, had broken through in several places and were advancing into Belarus, the Baltic countries and Poland. In the occupied countries, the Resistance put the multi-ethnic communication routes in difficulty. The Werwolfe had already liberated large areas of Germany; in Italy, the numerous special teams parachuted near the Mental Re-education Camps were engaged in furious fighting. From the first news the Ethnians learned that their southern comrades, after liberating a large gulag near Caserta, had occupied the city with thousands of insurgents. Wolf, Vladimir and the others, on the other hand, the day before had ambushed a column of goumier, annihilating it, near the CRM17, freeing the field. The same where the company comes from! The news aroused enthusiasm and great joy in them.

“The governor of the 72nd Star of the SUM, Finis, has decreed a state of siege,” said Gustavsson. Totila and Max had the privilege of being able to speak with Agnetha and Frida. All the fighters of the Base, at the news of their enterprise and their return, had toasted. Frida said she was proud of the Company. Totila and Max greeted the girls. Duty called them. They were about to return to battle. Their assault battalion was to clean up a Stockholm neighborhood where the MuMi globalists had barricaded themselves.

“Tear apart!” Massimo said.

  • Count! replied the young warrior. They said goodbye to each other that they missed each other. But the war was at the beginning and their paths would be divided for a long time to come.
  • The World Republic is dying – said General Gustavsson. – But let’s not delude ourselves. The Beast is mortally wounded, but it is not yet dead … Before us we still have millions of militiamen, stragglers, without a guide, but still a formidable force. We will have a million men and women in arms in the spring. But until then, we won’t give up biting them on the ankles. We won’t have to give them a break!

After the celebrations, the Supreme Commander told the heroes of Mount Mitchell that in days they would be leaving to be part of the newly formed “Hoenstaufen” Armored Brigade, in preparation near Helsinki.

“In the spring,” said the general, “we’ll start the final offensive.” In the autumn, Europe must be freed from the globalist scourge! For reasons of narrative economics we will now proceed briefly to what was called the Second Reconquista.

On 1 March the Company assumes command of the 12th “Hoenstaufen” Armored Brigade formed by young volunteers from northern Europe. On 10 March the brigade, having reached the fighting line, broke through the multi-ethnic lines and focused on Gdansk, which on the 12th was freed. The unit then crossed the Oder-Neisse on its way to Saxony, freeing Leipzig on 20 March. Here he joined another large unit: the 13th “Alexander Nevskji” Brigade. On 25 March the two brigades, crossing regions partially liberated by the Werwolfe, liberated Nuremberg. In this city, the ethno commanders, i.e. the Company, settled, but then the decision was ratified by the Provisional Government, Peoples’ Tribunal, which would become famous after the war for the trials against the enemies of the European peoples. and to punish their crimes. On March 30, the III Armored Corps (the two brigades had joined a new Brigade, the 14th “Wehrwolfe” made up of former resisters, after fierce fighting with units of Psicopol and units of the notorious globalist division 666 Shaytan, entered Munich, effectively liberating all of Bavaria. In the meantime, the South Tyrolean resistance led by Maria K. had cut off the largest communication route between north and south: the railway and the Brenner motorway. By now the Mountain Brigade “Andreas Hofer “controlled the Isarco Valley A mass of hybrid, stray, renegade and disbanded militiamen was locked up in a gigantic pocket with no way out. In Northern Italy, the formations of resisters organized and commanded by Wolf, Vladimir and other commanders, taking advantage of the chaos that reigned among the mondialists with few forces, liberated Brescia and the area of ​​Lake Garda. To the south, Uqbar and his “brigands” after having freed thousands of neo-Bourbon fractars and Catholic kings blocks ti in CRM, entered Naples, capturing thousands of multi-ethnic and renegade belonging to the infamous 99 Posse. The prisoners were taken to the collection and labor camps. The crosses of the Order of St. George and St. Andrew came directly from President Vutin to Uqbar and Akritas. On April 1, the multiethnicians locked up in the Innsbruck space asked for surrender. The prisoners were taken to large gathering camps, except for the renegade, who were all passed over to arms. On 5 April the III Armored Corps crossed the Brenner, welcomed by the enthusiasm of the South Tyrolean population. On the 7th the avant-garde of the Hoenstaufen joined in Brescia with Wolf’s rebel forces and two days later they entered Milan together. Here they sustained some fights. April 11, thousands of Renegades, Stray and Hybrids who had barricaded themselves in a vast ex-industrial area, transformed by the World Government into a large shanty town to meet the aesthetic needs of the Stray and called “Leonkavallo2”, were hit by the forces of the insurgents. The fight was short and cruel. When the forces led by the Company surrounded the area, only the sounds of drums (bongos) and disjointed screams were heard from the shanty town, probably war dances. Then the “leonkavallini” showed up on the barricades heterogeneously armed and dressed in strange overalls, miner’s helmets, rasta or Bolivian-like hats, pancho villa bandoliers, tennis shoes, rappers’ trousers. Slogans and loud music blasted from some trucks with loudspeakers on them as if they were at a rave-party. A cannon shot from a T-90 put an end to all their warlike ambitions. This time they weren’t facing the cops of the turn of the century; but people determined to end the game with them after having been forced to suffer them for decades. Wolf’s men entered the filthy slum: in front of them, the globalists fled everywhere in hysteria and madness. Many were killed because overwhelmed by their own companions; others were high, smoking crack or getting drunk on beer. They looked like crazy flies. A painful sight that the ethno would never forget. Langbard, saddened by this so distressing sight, wanted to put an end to the suffering of this now lost humanity and ordered the guns of his tank battalion to fire. Thousands of corpses of Multiethnicians lay on the ground for days. The area was later leveled and covered with earth transported by trucks. Thousands of trees were planted on it, but even the plants did not seem to want to live on that mephitic land: in fact the seedlings died after a few weeks. The area was therefore abandoned. Over time it turned into a fetid swamp and was called the Leonka Swamp. Even today there are those who guarantee to hear the noise of bongos on some nights of full moon.

In the east, the advance of the Russian-Swedish forces was overwhelming: on March 5, Minsk was liberated; on 10 Moscow. At the end of the month, the forces of the Liberation Army had arrived on the shores of the Black Sea. In the center, the II Armored Corps (6 Russian-Scandinavian brigades) entered Warsaw on the 10th. On March 20 in Prague. On the 30th they closed in a large pocket in Budapest, a million multiethnicians. On April 15th Budapest was liberated and on April 30th Zagreb, already disinfested by the Insurgents. The same happened in Belgrade, liberated by the Serbian 2nd Partisan Assault Division “Slobodan Milosevic”.

The advance stopped on the borders of Kosovo, garrisoned not only by multiethnicians, but also by Kosovar-Albanian Muslims, by the Turkish army. Also in the West the march of the forces of the ethno-nationalist forces, after fierce fighting, had to stop in front of Paris. Millions of armed men: militiamen, psychopol, hybrids and renegades, mobilized by the EU-globalist government which had replaced that of Tsirhc. The offensive thrust stopped in front of a human wall on the Marne and in Belgium. The forces opposing the globalists were disproportionate: on the one hand there were between two and three million Multiethnicians, on the other there were about one hundred and fifty thousand insurgents. It was for this reason that the Supreme Command decided to remove the 2nd and 3rd Armored Corps from the North Italian and Balkan front. The Company and its division, together with “Nevskji” and “Wehrwolfe” brigade, arrived on the banks of the Marne on April 20.

Next episode: “The capture of Agnetha and Frida”

The capture of Frida and Agnetha

The overwhelming advance of the Liberation Army forced, as we have said, the Multiethnic Command in France, to withdraw the front almost at the gates of Paris. Along the new defensive line, called the “Mandela Line”, 3 million globalists leaned on them. It was the last desperate attempt to stem the ethnonationalist forces.

This human wall started north of Ostend and continued south towards Lille-Saint Quintin-Fontainbleau-Nevers-Lyons and ended in Marseille. On this line, the multiethnic government of Western Europe had deployed the remains of the MuMi who survived the battles in Northern and Central Europe: immigrants, strays, renegades, addicts, gays, hybrids, strengthened by the powerful militias of the banlieues made up of the fearsome “cashiers” . All these individuals were ready to fight to the end, because they knew that for them, in the event of defeat, there would be neither mercy nor mercy. It was therefore on this armed human wall that at the end of April the offensive thrust that had traveled on the wings of victory was exhausted. The command of the Liberation Army therefore decided to strengthen the positions and send new troops. The final offensive would be postponed for a month. It was precisely in these days of stasis that the Company of the Iron Cross decided to make a surprise visit to the command of the 500th Swedish assault battalion, that of the girls, which was located in Fontenay-Tresigny, about twenty kilometers from the their positions. It was supposed to be a surprise; but when they reached the villa where the battalion command was installed, they were surprised. They noticed a certain excitement. A soldier, after greeting them, jumping to attention, led them to Colonel Fredriksson, commander of the unit. The major welcomed them with joy; but he told them that they had come at an unhappy moment: the 3rd Assault Company (that of Frida and Agnetha), which had gone out for a tactical action, had not given any news of themselves for five hours. – We fear that the 3rd Assault was ambushed … The last message was:

  • They take us away !!!… Then silence. I’m sorry, comrades. Excuse me. The ethno seemed worried and shaken. Totila and Max turned pale. The news was a real blow to them. The thought that the girls had fallen into the hands of multiethnicians infuriated them. Then Der said:
  • Do not worry! So how do I know what happened. We go out on patrol. Let’s take some multi-ethnic bastard and make them sing. Give me Ken, Soviet and Green. You – she said pointing to Max and Totila – you will stay here. You are too agitated. And agitation is no friend of a warrior. We will be back here in an hour! Max nodded, after all he couldn’t do anything else. When Der had something in mind, there was no way he could change his mind. The four ethno slipped out of the trench. A light mist hid them from the enemy a few meters away. They entered a wood and disappeared from the sight of Max and the others who tried to follow them with binoculars. After an hour, the rest of the Company saw the return of the four ethnic groups. They were dragging two individuals.
  • What demons! Massimo exclaimed. They weren’t satisfied with two normal men. They captured two heads. appearance! one has a red bandana. The other is a stray with a red star on his cap. Der leapt into the trenches along with Soviet, Ken and Green, severely knocking the two prisoners to the ground. Then he led them to a shelter.

The two multiethnicians, after an initial phase of reticence, began to confess. They did it like two torrents in flood. They said that in the morning they had captured about forty attackers, including a dozen women. As per orders received from Paris, they had been loaded onto three trucks and taken to the capital: to the Conciergerie.

  • At the Conciergerie ?! – asked stupid Larth – But it is the old prison of the French Revolution … The multiethnic leader nodded. He said all the refractory and deviant who would be guillotined for the Feast of Freedom, Peace and Love over the weekend were locked up there.
  • Guillotines? !! Guelfo exclaimed. – What the hell is this ?!
  • What do you say, globalist bastard? !! – Soviet intervened by passing the blade of his dagger under the throat of the multiethnic leader.
  • Every Saturday – said the prisoner stammering – in the Place de la Concorde, where a guillotine has been hoisted, from morning to evening, between dances and rap music, crack and alcohol, rave-parties there are public executions of deviants and bench prisoners -revolutionaries, .. – The ethnians looked at each other in disbelief. The man went on to tell that the prisoners transported by the Conciergerie on wagons, between two wings of an excited and screaming crowd, escaped from the banlieu and the slums, up to the guillotine and then executed one by one in front of
  • Robespierre, Marat and Danton.
  • Bastard! – Shouted Black Guelph. – Are you kidding us ?! What do those demons of the French Revolution have to do with being spat out of the underworld? !!

The man swore and swore to Satan that what he was saying was the plain truth, and added that those were just nicknames that the triumvirs of the Public Health Committee had given themselves. “Actually,” he said, “Robespierre is an old philosopher, Marat a Maghrebi and Danton the former head of the casseurs of the banlieu.”

  • What is the name of this philosopher? – Black Guelph asked. – I don’t know: Bernard H Fevy I think. They say he made the legendary 1968 … All three live in the bunker of the Hotel de la Ville.

At the end of the interrogation, the two multiethnicians were eliminated.

  • Today is Thursday. The executions will take place the day after tomorrow. We don’t have a minute to waste! Totila said. We’ll give you a hand, Larth said, patting his companion on the shoulder.
  • We will find them! The Company headed south to the Forest of Fontainbleau. Max’s plan was to reach the Ile de la Cité by going up the Seine in rubber boats. He frees the prisoners and goes back, God willing.

In the Fontainbleau area there were the troops of the French brigade “Jeanne d’Arc” which controlled the bend of the river and even established a bridgehead on the other bank. The Company arrived at the French command in the evening around 20. From there it asked the Supreme Command for the green light to the operation. Lieutenant General Von Vietinghof, commander of the Western Front, even if he were against it, obtorto collo, was forced by the determination of the ethno, to give his consent. The Company has been entrusted with inflatable boats with hydrogen engines, absolutely. They got on two of them and took them to the train, for the prisoners who would free others. Before leaving, the men checked their weapons, put on the camouflage parka, fixed the Iron Cross they wore on the black turtleneck sweater, dyed their faces with black and gray streaks and put on their heads the beret with the bat emblem in red field of marauders, then entered the rafts, greeted by the companions of the “Joan of Arc” who admired those famous fighters who went down the river for who knows what mission.

The rescue

They would have had to travel about twenty kilometers. Max checked his watch. It was 10pm. The action was supposed to take place at 2am. He calculated the route and planned to arrive near the Conciergerie, around one in the morning. The vehicles reached the center of the river and began heading towards the goal. The darkness was almost total, also thanks to the black out and the lack of electricity, supplied only for a few hours during the day. Around midnight, the boats entered the outskirts of the city. From the banks from time to time torches and sounds of bongos, dancing and singing. Multiethnicians, as usual, populated the streets and squares in the evening. Any chance was good for messing with crack, marijuana, alcohol, and sex.

“It’s multi-ethnic nightlife,” he said, laughing Green.

“It’s good they’re having fun now,” Larth replied with a sarcastic smile.

Near the bridge of Austerlitz, where yet another party was in progress with dances accompanied by bongos, maracas, alcohol and drugs, a drunk marokkos, sitting on the shoulder of the bridge, lost his balance, fell into the black waters of the river, a few meters in front of the rafts. The man emerged and tried to hold on to the boat. Der drew his silenced pistol and hit him between the eyes. The man disappeared in the waves. Fortunately, his companions, stunned by drugs and alcohol and taken by the dances, did not notice anything and no one looked down into the river. At 1.00 am the small flotilla docked at the northern end of the Ile de la Citè, where the majestic and gloomy Conciergerie stood. The men climbed the steps that led them to the pavements of the Seine, on the Quai de l’Horloge. They glided along the banks of the river, protected from the darkness and the old wrecks of cars parked there for who knows how long and piles of stinking dirt. Max peered out from behind a car and saw two guards at the door making a joint, talking to each other. He motioned to Soviet and Der to eliminate them. The two ethnic crossed the road and crawled along the prison walls approached the two sentries. A flash of blades and the two multiethnicians fell to the ground slaughtered. Der motioned for the Company to step forward. The commando entered the building through an open door in the large door. On the right was the room of the body of the Guard. A dozen militiamen slept soundly. Der threw a Thanatos bomb that released a lethal gas and closed the door. In half a minute the guardians went from sleep to death. The men then took a long corridor that led to a large room with pointed arches. On one side they saw a table, lit by some candles. Around the table four guards play cards, smoke, drink and laugh roughly. Der, Ken, Green and Jena, taking advantage of the darkness and trying to make as little noise as possible, approached the group armed with the silencer in hand without being seen or heard. The ethno appeared before the table and said:

  • Do you know who we are ?! The guardians, astonished, looked up from the papers and stared in disbelief at the four strangers with their guns drawn. A flash of terror flashed in their eyes as they saw the iron crosses around strangers’ necks glittering in the flickering candlelight. Drops of cold sweat began to trickle down his forehead.
  • You don’t know who we are ?! – resumed Der. – Well, then I’ll tell you. WE ARE YOUR DEATH!

Four metallic clicks followed. The guardians collapsed to the ground lifeless. Der whistled and the rest of the Company arrived. The keys that the guardians carried on their belts were collected, a large iron gate was opened and the cells in the corridors in front of them began to open wide. The prisoners’ surprise was immense when they saw the soldiers of the Liberation Army in front of them. Totila and Max ran to the last cell. They opened the large room with its stone vaults.

On the straw lay about fifty men and women in uniform. Torchlight blinded the prisoners’ eyes.

  • We are your companions! Do not be afraid! We have come to free you! – Totila shouted A “hurrah” she welcomed the liberators, while Frida and Agnetha, recognizing the voice of ethno, threw themselves around their men, showering them with kisses.

“I knew you were coming,” Agnetha said, hugging her man with all her strength, happy and excited.

  • Soon! There is not a minute to lose! Max shouted, holding Frida by the waist. More than a hundred prisoners gathered in the great hall. Max told them what the escape plan was and recommended that when they were outside, they should remain calm and make as little noise as possible. When he finished speaking, bangs were heard. Larth and Langbard, who had been standing guard at the gate, comunicate to Max, that hundreds of multiethnicians were crossing, screaming, the bridges that connected the Ile de la Cité to the rest of the capital and that the Conciergerie was under fire from rocket launchers and machine guns firing from the opposite bank. Der noticed that one of the guardians he had killed had had time to push a button under the table and give the alarm. Max ordered Langbard and Larth to barricade the door and join the rest of the Company.

“Dear comrades, we’re in shit,” Max said solemnly.

Escape and the Public Health Committee.

At that moment from a side corridor, probably coming out of a door, Totila saw a black man come out with his hands raised. Green was about to shoot him when Max stopped him.

  • Who are you?! – She asked him.
  • I can help you get out of here. – said the man – I ask only for grace.

Green lowered the AK. Max invited him to speak.

  • I know of a passage that leads into the sewer. From there you can reach salvation. I just ask you to take me with you.
  • Why do you want to get away from multi-ethnic? And why do you want to come with us? – Black Guelph asked. The man succinctly told his story. He said he had been forced to come from Africa with his young wife. Then once he arrived in France he was forced by the GoMo One Race ordinance to separate from his woman, who was given to a white man and forced to live with a white woman.
  • But I couldn’t live without her and I was desperate. I wanted to go back to my land with her; but the Multiethnicians, first they imprisoned me and then they assigned me to work in the sewers. I only ask you, when you have freed your land, the grace to help me, to find my bride and make us go back to where we were born. The man’s story moved the Company.

Max promised Maurice, that was his name, that they would do everything possible to track down his bride. The black, heartened, said:

  • Follow me! Outside the outbursts increased in intensity.
  • Hurry! They will arrive here soon! Max closed the heavy iron grate that closed the corridor of the cells and invited the freed prisoners to follow Maurice. He sent Totila and Soviet (along with Agnetha, who did not want to part with her beloved) to set some booby traps to delay the entry of the Multiethnicians once they had managed to knock down the heavy grate Maurice entered a large room. From a chest he invited the prisoners and the ethno to take the torches that were contained there, then moved a cupboard: hidden from view, there was an iron door that opened. He turned on the flashlight and motioned for the prisoners to follow him. Max waited for the last prisoner to pass. Then he called Totila Soviet and Agnetha. The two ethno people closed the door and entered, after putting back on the wall, not without difficulty, the wardrobe that hid the secret passage. Here, too, the members of the Company set booby traps. Then, following a corridor, they came to a staircase that led downwards. At the end there was a grate, which Maurice opened and which led into the immense and mysterious underground network of Paris.

Now Totila was finally able to exchange a few words with Agnetha. Holding her close, she said to her:

  • We were worried about you. We were afraid those bastards might have hurt you …
  • We were lucky, Tot! After we were captured, we were all taken to one house. There came a department of gay globalists (and smiled) to pick us up and take us to the Conciergerie. Here they immediately threw us into a cell. The wardens were high on alcohol and drugs, they didn’t care about us. However, they had orders to keep us alive for the feast of Liberty and the guillotine which would begin in two days – Agnetha said.
  • I’m glad I got there in time to save your pretty little head – she said, laughing Totila.
  • You are wrong. I already lost my ‘little head’ some time ago. When I met you, love … the girl replied, looking at him softly. The ethno, moved and happy, kissed her. – Do you think this is the time and place to coo? – She laughed Soviet. Further on, the two ethno people saw the Company stop together with the prisoners at a crossroads. Maurice, their “guide” was saying something to Max

Hotel de Ville

Maurice, was explaining to Max and the ethno people that at that time they were above the Hotel de Ville, seat of the Public Health Committee.

  • You mean that Robespierre, Marat and Danton meet up here? Asked Max.
  • Yes – the man replied, and pointing to a grate that closed a passage he said: – Through that corridor you enter the cellars. Another staircase leads to a corridor at the end of which there is a secret door that opens into the Committee Meeting Room. It is a secret passage built during the Terror that was supposed to serve as an escape route for the Jacobin leaders. Only me and very few others know him. We worked for six months to restore it … Max ordered the man to draw the path to get to the Hall on a map. Then he had a plan drawn for the escape route through the sewers. He told Frida to follow Maurice and bring the prisoners to safety. The Company had a great desire to pay a courtesy visit to the three “revolutionary leaders”. Agnetha at Max’s proposal, fooled around, wanted to stay with her man. It took all of Frida’s patience to convince her to re-enter her friendly lines. Totila calmed her down, telling her they would spend the rest of the day and the next day together. Maurice, meanwhile, with his passepartout, had opened the iron gate. He reminded the ethno of the path they had to take and then disappeared with the others, in the dark underground tunnels. The Company climbed the damp steps that led to the Hotel; they forced open the door which was blocked by a heavy wardrobe and

they entered the cellars. Following Maurice’s directions, they found the second door which, after about twenty steps, led to a corridor with brick vaults. At the bottom, there was another entrance. This opened onto the Meeting Room. The opening was hidden by a Louis XIV style trumeau. The hall was empty. Only Max, Der and Black Guelph went in. The others would wait in the corridor. The three ethno, after having removed the furniture, hid behind the heavy curtains of the windows. Shortly after, they entered the hall of the Militia with the Bolivian-Phrygian cap. They placed a carafe of coffee and sugar and a few bottles of wine on the table. The door opened and the three “revolutionaries” entered. – We don’t want to be bothered by anyone, shouted the marokkos (Marat). They had a cup of coffee. Marat began to rail, cursing and cursing. The attack on the Conciergerie had made him furious. The philosopher, who called himself Robespierre, tried to calm him down. Danton stood aside, making a joint. Then the philosopher picked up the phone and in a shrill voice ordered someone that 150 deviants to guillotine were to be rounded up that same morning.

  • You will see, dear comrade -, he said to Marat, – the party will be there. By tonight another 150 deviant heads will join the 200,000 we have already cut. The Multiethnic Revolution needs reactionary blood and we will quench our thirst! ”. he ended these words with a hysterical, feminine laugh. It was at that moment that the three ethno came out and took the three from behind, pulling their heads back by their hair.

-One of your sighs and your throats will open !. Max said pointing the dagger to Robespierre’s throat.

The three revolutionaries turned pale as sheets and didn’t say a word, paralyzed as they were by surprise. Black Guelph knocked three times on the trumeau. The door opened and, having moved the cabinet, the prisoners were thrown inside, who were greeted by the other ethno with kicks and punches.

  • Welcome to the Vendée! – He said to the three, laughing, Larth. Totila and Soviet, put the cabinet back in place and closed the door, undermining it with two explosive cartridges. Jena tied the hands of the prisoners behind their backs and then, the Company resumed the path of salvation. The one who called himself Robespierre on the run began to whimper. Totila illuminated his face with a flashlight and:
  • I know you! You are BHL the self-styled philosopher …

“Yes, it’s me,” replied the prisoner whimpering. The other two swore and cursed all the time, so much so that they made Black Guelph go wild and hit them in the face with the butt of his rifle. They limited themselves later, only to invoking Satan to help them. After a couple of hours, Max checked the map drawn by Maurice. They had arrived at their destination. Above their heads there were iron steps leading to a manhole. Jena went up first. The opening overlooked a deserted road. A voice from a house called for a halt.

“We are the Fellowship of the Iron Cross,” Jena yelled.

“Come forward slowly and with your hands in plain sight,” the voice ordered. The ethno came out of the sewer with the prisoners. The voice screamed

  • Are they! Hurray !! Soldiers came out of the house and began to celebrate them. They were the volunteers of the “Flanders” Grenadiers Regiment.
  • Welcome among us. I’m Lieutenant Van Dimmer – said the officer – We were waiting for you. The prisoners you released at the Conciergerie warned us you were coming. Now they are all safe in the castle of Crecy, where you are all expected. Max thanked the lieutenant,

“But first,” he said, “we have to fix these three” revolutionaries “… The Company was ordered to leave the three prisoners to Captain Charité of the 35th Security and Special Operations Company. He would take care of the prisoners and make them talk. Der insisted on him. He wanted to stay too. He was satisfied. Max and Totila, reached the Castle of Crecy, where they met their loved ones.

  • This is the best gift I could ever get! – Agnetha said to Totila when she saw him coming. They spent the rest of the day in the great hall, close to the fireplace, embracing each other, telling each other the stories that had happened since they had had to part. It was a cheerful and carefree afternoon. Also thanks to the particular verve of Jena, Larth, Green, and Ken, and Langbard who began to make fun of each other, making the cheerful brigade die of laughter. During the dinner, there was a phone call from the president of the new Confederation of European Peoples, Vutin, who thanked again on behalf of the provisional government, the Company for the new heroic undertaking. Max returned the greetings on everyone’s behalf. The following day, the ethno had to join their Brigade and the fighters their assault unit. Totila wanted to see her beloved again.
  • It’ll all be over soon. You will return to Sweden shortly, I heard from your commander. There is an island north of Stockholm, it’s called Gramso. The government gave it to me. There is a castle on this island. Wait for me there. When you see me arrive, it will be forever. Agnetha nodded. He stroked her hair and kissed her. In the afternoon Der returned radiant. – We got those dogs talking. This Charité is truly convincing. The three revolutionaries sang like little birds. Then they were beheaded and their heads thrown into the crowd waiting for the guillotinations in the Place de la Concorde, by a helicopter. I was there. You had to see the faces of the multiethnicians. they even started shooting at each other. A massacre. Ahahahah! On April 27, the front was on the move again. Thanks to the information provided by the three “revolutionary leaders”, the 3rd Armored Corps attacked north of Paris, breaking through in one fell swoop the multiethnic lines now in disarray. Over the next two days, a mass of terrified and fleeing globalists retreated in disorder towards the sea, concentrating on the beaches of Dunkirk, with the hope that their English brothers would come to rescue them with all kinds of boats.

A million fugitives concentrated on the beach. The 3rd Armored Corps locked them in an iron grip. A message was sent to the Supreme Command on what to do. The answer was dry:

  • Kill them! The carnage lasted three days. Half of the multiethnicians sought refuge at sea, but all died of drowning or frostbite. On the fourth day, a great storm wind blew up and whipped the coast for 48 hours, with very high waves. The next day the sun was shining and there was no longer a body on the beach. The sea had cleared the land.

Liberation and the Congress of Vienna

After the defeat of Dunkirk, the multi-ethnic forces flew to the whole of Europe. In summary, the events of April-May.

The 3rd Armored Corps commanded by the Company in January, after liberating all of northern France, entered Spain in the Basque Country. On May 10, he freed Madrid and on May 20, he occupied Gibraltar. The head of the multi-ethnic government, Zappatoro, captured with his rainbow bodyguard, was shot near Guadalajara. At the end of May Spain and Portugal were freed and purged of the extra-European and progressive presence. In southern Italy, April and May were the months of the victory of the army of “brigands” commanded by Uqbar, Ulfenor and Akritas.

On May 1st in Naples, Don Carlos di Borbone was crowned king of the Two Sicilies. There is an iron police repression, aimed at eliminating organized crime and sectarian forces once and for all. Naples again became the capital of the Kingdom. All outward signs of the occupation were erased by popular fury. In the Balkans, on April 15, the 7th Serbo-Croatian Korpus, supported by Austro-Hungarian and Russian forces, began Operation “Kralj Lazar”. On the 30th of the same month, near Kosovo Polje, the Turkish-Kosovar-Albanian lines were broken through and surrounded. The “Slobodan Milosevic” and “Ratko Mladic” divisions exterminated the encircled armies. Kosovo was liberated from the Islamic-Albanian presence forever. On May 5th, the 3rd Army of the Russian Guard entered Constantinople, liberating it. On the 7th, in the reconsecrated basilica of Santa Sofia, a solemn Te Deum of thanksgiving was celebrated. In Northern Italy, the Forces led by Wolfe, Kalashnikov, Furlan, Vlassov, and other brave rebel commanders, united in the Northern Liberation Army, liberated the Po valley and Tuscany. The only resistance came from the city of Livorno, where they entrenched: marokkos, renegades, stray militiamen and gays. On May 15, the city capitulated. By direct order of the Knight of the Iron Cross Larth (Pisan) it was set on fire, demolished and salt was spread over its ruins. Finis and his acolytes were captured while dressed as a priest he was trying to reach Pescara to embark on a patrol boat that would take him to Jerusalem.

Together with the other European collaborators of the New World Order he was taken to Nuremberg, where he would later be tried. In Rome, Pope Giovanni Paolo Francesco was captured in Ostia. Tried, he was sentenced to the stake. In place of him, a Lefevrian bishop was elected, who took the name of Pius XIII. The Papal States were reconstituted which included Lazio, Umbria and Marche. On 1 June the historic Congress of Vienna opened in which the foundations of the New Confederate Europe were laid. The continent was divided into: Russian Confederation (Russia-Belarus-Ukraine-Eastern Poland, Siberia) Central European Confederation (Austria-Hungary -Slovakia-Slovenia-Croatia-Friuli-Lombardo-Veneto-Tuscany) Western Confederation (Piedmont-Liguria-France- Wallonia- Spain-Portugal-Sardinia) German Confederation (Germany-Switzerland-Flander- Holland-Denmark-ex-Western Poland-Koenigsberg) Scandinavian Confederation (Sweden-Norway-Iceland- Finland-Baltic States) Balkan Confederation (Serbia-Romania-Bulgaria- Macedonia-Greece) Italian Confederation (Kingdom of Two Sicilies-Papal States) Each ethnic state was independent. Only foreign policy, security and defense depended on the Supreme Praesidium of the Confederation of European Peoples, the supreme body

of the Euro-Asian Confederation made up of 45 representatives of the same number of European nations. On 20 June, with the surrender of the City, England capitulated. In Europe all globalist resistance ceased. on July 1st in Paris there was the great Victory parade, opened at the behest of President Vutin by the Company of the Iron Cross on horseback, amidst bursts of applause and throwing flowers of hundreds of thousands of people who flocked to the historic event After the Vittoria, the Supreme Praesidium of the Confederation, issued a series of laws, including the fundamental one on Security. The founding of a supranational order was contemplated which would be called the Order of the Knights of the Iron Cross. It would have watched over the Confederation’s religious, ideological and ethnic orthodoxy in the future and the rise of any sectarian heresy. The Order would have been autonomous and transnational and would have responded only to the President of the Praesidium Supremo. The first Grand Master was Max, who would follow in rotation, every year, the other eleven ethno. The Confederation was divided into 12 dioceses. In each of these areas, a Burg would have arisen from which the 12 ethno would have watched over. They had 12 Brigades of the Order at their disposal. Men chosen and dedicated to the fight against heresies and Evil. Later there were events that changed the face of Europe that was born from the War of Liberation.

The Catholic and Orthodox Church, after the Council of Prague made peace, starting the spiritual reunion of the European peoples. Protestantism was branded as an anti-European heresy and within a few years it was totally eradicated. Europe, which emerged from the disaster of the war with a number of Europeans reduced to a few tens of millions of inhabitants, doubled its population in a decade. . The new youth that appeared would be educated in the values ​​of Tradition and Religion. She would grow up healthy, bold and enterprising. Their model would be, for males, the Company and that of the other Confederate warrior patriots. For the females, Halexandra and the intrepid fighters of the Russian-Swedish Assault Battalions. A great impetus was given to the land and the landscape. The metropolitan suburbs in the demo-Soviet style were razed to the ground and woods and forests sprang up on them. In America, 70% of the territory was returned to the natives, except Quebec and Alaska (which returned to the Confederacy). The rest was returned to the Confederate States of the South, which, together with the Indians, made a pact of eternal alliance with the European Confederation. Japan formed, under his influence, Greater Asia with China, the Philippines, Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Australia was part of the Confederation. Islam was confined to its traditional limits. Iron pacts were signed by the Mediterranean countries.

Any attempt with a boat, a migrant boat that attempted to land in Europe, would have been considered an act of war against the Confederation. In the Middle East, the age-old Palestinian question was resolved fairly with the distribution of the land to both peoples, who from that moment coexisted in peace.

Totila’s Marriage

After the victory, Totila was engaged with Der in the “ethnic and political cleansing” of England. Eventually, the island regained its European and Christian identity. Finally, at the beginning of May, Totila gets the permission he has been waiting for for some time. He took a plane and landed in Stockholm. Here, a Confederate Navy patrol boat brought him to the island. After disembarking with some of his helpers, he headed for the castle. Agnetha wasn’t there. An attendant of the girl told Totila that she would find her by the sea.
-Every day he is there waiting for your return, Commander-, the woman said. The ethno looked out of a window and saw her sitting on the beach looking into the distance. Pippi, her kitten, jumped on her.

The east wind played with her blond hair that stood out like threads of gold against the intense blue of the sky and the sea. The man ran down the stairs and ran towards the sea. The girl, almost sensing his presence, turned around. She got up and ran towards him. The two didn’t say a word. Their mouths sought each other eagerly. – Now I’m here forever! He told her, and pulling a black velvet casket out of her pocket, he showed her a ring with a diamond encrusted sapphire. – Do you want to marry me? She asked her. Agnetha with tears in her eyes whispered to him -Yes! -. – Then let’s not waste time. Go get dressed. In the chapel there is a priest waiting for us and Frida and Max have arrived with me. They will be our witnesses! Totila said. – But … but … I don’t have the wedding dress! Agnetha said worriedly. – I’ve thought of everything! – replied the ethno. The two, hand in hand, walked towards the castle. Followed by the cat who preceded them running and then returning towards them. In the girl’s room there were a dozen seamstresses, hairdressers, and dresses to choose from. – I’ll give you an hour. If you don’t get out within the hour, I’ll go, “Totila said, laughing.” I’ll be with you in ten minutes! Agnetha replied excitedly. The man went downstairs where Frida and Max sat on a soft sofa. black skin.

-You told me you’ll be ready in ten minutes …- Totila said. – Frida also said the same thing before our wedding. I waited two hours! – Said the friend laughing. After an hour Agnetha left her room. She was beautiful. The long white silk dress enveloped her beautiful shapes. On her hair a splendid crown of flowers. She walked so lightly that she barely seemed to touch the ground. Totila looked at her spellbound. She approached Frida and Max, kissing them. They even complimented her. She then she took Totila’s arm and together they walked towards the chapel. Inside, two assistants to the ethno commander closed the door. The ceremony was short enough. After the ritual formulas, the exchange of the rings and the blessing, the couple kissed. Then they headed for the exit accompanied by the two witnesses. Once the door was opened, she was greeted by a cascade of rose petals. On the sides, the Company of the Iron Cross lined up in full uniform and with drawn swords forming a gallery, greeted them with a “Hurray!” And on the square Agnetha’s companions, the fighters: Wolf, Kalashnikov with his pregnant wife Agape, Furlan, Freik, Herrmann, Taranis and many others. And then Uqbar, Akritas, Hate representing the Royal Duosicilian Army and the Sardinian Army; officers of the French, Belgian, Werwolfe, Russian Guards, etc. Agnetha was beaming. The surprise had been total. “You know, my love, that the Company’s secret weapon is the surprise …” Totila smiled.

The wedding procession headed towards the large park, where a crowd of waiters had set the large tables for the outdoor banquet. In the sky some large helicopters circled and landed not far away. From one of them was descended the Secretary General of the Praesidium Supremo Vutin. He walked over to her bride and kissed her hand. And turning to the ethno he said: -I could not miss his marriage Commander Totila and that of his splendid bride. Enchanting, my dear Totila! You made a choice … wonderful. You are lucky, commander! -. The party lasted three days, with dances, songs, fireworks and banquets. Then her friends left. Totila and Agnetha were left alone in their castle. To keep them company, the kitten, the sea, the golden sand, the east wind and their love.


After concluding the cycle, with the Last Grand Master Jena, the Company of the Knights of the Iron Cross found itself for the last time in the large stone room with arched vaults of the Castle of the Order. Grand Master Jena dissolved the Company. From that day on, each of the Knights would retire to their own, distant and mysterious fiefdom. In the room a great emotion gripped the ethno; but each of them was aware that their mission was over. In the past twelve years, peace and beauty and harmony reigned in the Confederation. Evil had been chained to the rocks of the Underworld and would not move for a long time. 12 new knights were appointed by co-optation who would watch over the Peace for 12 years:

The rite of delivery took place in an atmosphere of great emotion. The new 12 Knights swore on the Gospel. Then, they kissed the Company Flag. at the end of the Investiture ceremony, the former Grand Masters, exiting the castle, received the honor of arms by a picket of the Guard. Then on foot they walked towards the remains of the large bunker that had housed them for a night 12 years earlier. Soviet touched the walls, moved. The Company rode twelve white horses and galloped to the path that would lead them out of the forest. Arriving near a sun-kissed clearing, Max stopped and looked at his comrades for the last time. Warm tears rolled from their eyes. – Farewell, brothers! Farewell dear comrades! It was an honor for me to experience this enterprise with you. I thank God for having granted me this privilege and for the splendid adventure that he has given me and has given us! – The men dismounted and embraced for the last time. Then, once they got back on horseback, they split in all directions: to the east, to the west, to the north and to the south. It was from that day, when the rumor spread in the districts of the Confederation that the company of the Iron Cross had dissolved, that the first legends began to be born.

There were those who swore that they had seen twelve horsemen riding blond steeds in the forests of Thuringia or the Ardennes; who claimed to have seen, on full moon nights, on the back of the hills, the twelve silhouetted against the lunar disk. Others argued that the twelve heroes lived together in inaccessible castles in the Tatra Mountains, or in the Carpathian Mountains or the Urals, ready to return if Evil returned. The young girls at the time of love and flowering May, remembering Agnetha, Frida and Halexandra, used to weave flowers to make crowns and gird their heads, waiting for the young men of the Guard to return from the fields of Mars. Mothers used to tell their little ones on winter nights that the groans and hisses of the trees shaken by the wind were nothing more than the lamentations of pain of the servants of Evil reached and lashed by the Knights of the Company. – Because – they explained to the little ones – the Company is like the wind. It arrives suddenly, sweeps away evil men, protects the weak, mothers and children and then as it came, it disappears into thin air. Finally the mothers, once the children were reassured, began to sing a sweet and ancient song:

“They came from the hills

And they came from the valleys and the plains

They struggled in the cold

In the heat and the snow and in the rain

They came from the south

From the west and the north

and from the east “

“They come from the hills from the valleys and from the plains

They struggle in the cold in the heat in the snow and in the rain

They come from the South from the West and from the North and from the East “

Here ends the story of the Company of the Iron Cross

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