1. Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
    Fremde, etranger, stranger.
    Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,
    Happy to see you, bliebe, reste, stay.
    Und sagen
    Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
    Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret

    Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs,
    Ladies and Gentlemen! Guden Abend, bonsoir,
    We geht’s? Comment ca va? Do you feel good?
    I bet you do!
    Ich bin euer Confrecier; je suis votre compere…
    I am you host!
    Leave you troubles outside!
    So- life is disappointing? Forget it!
    We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful…
    The girls are beautiful…
    Even the orchestra is beautiful!
    Rosie, Lulu, Frenchie, Texas, Fritzie… Und Helga.
    Each and every one a virgin! You don’t believe me?
    Outside it is winter. But in here it’s so hot.
    Every night we have to battle with the girls to keep
    them from taking off all their clothings. So don’t go
    away. Who knows? Tonight we may lose the battle!

    Wir sagen
    Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
    Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret!

  2. initaliastan

  3. “Chi proclama la difesa dei diritti, non può negare l’accoglienza ai profughi”. Lo ha detto il presidente della Repubblica Sergio Mattarella a Ventotene, dove ha celebrato gli 80 anni del celebre Manifesto che ha posto le basi per l’Europa unita.
    da Repubblica.

    Mattarella non si smentisce mai, che Presidente , viva viva !!!

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